6 Ways to Market Your Reseller Hosting Business On Social Media

One of the first things newcomers to the business reseller hosting industry learn is that it’s a crowded market with fiercely competing companies, making recruiting and maintaining clients difficult.

You might say that a hosting reseller who knows how to resell hosting competes with other resellers and hosting firms. Given the marketing expenditures of major hosting firms, it’s still a better strategy to think of other resellers as your main competitors — you should focus on providing better services and out marketing them in the marketing game.Market Reseller Hosting On Social Media

It’s critical to get a web hosting reseller business strategy in place with a marketing strategy that outperforms the competition before you begin a marketing campaign. Because marketing is costly, you should consider the return on investment from the beginning.

6 Ways For Marketing Resellers Hosting Business On Social Media

Using some easy marketing techniques, you can get your reseller hosting company off to a good start and give your new venture the best possible chance of prospering.

This post will go through six ways to promote your web hosting company.


The benefits of content creation with video are the same as producing blog material, but your films will reach a larger audience. While creating video content is more complicated, it is worth the effort because it is consumed more than almost any other medium on the internet.

  • Eighty percent of internet users in the United States view videos online.
  • Every day, YouTube users watch around 510 million hours of video.
  • One-third of internet users spend their time online viewing videos.

Statistics like these show that YouTube should not be disregarded as a marketing tool. People prefer to watch rather than read.

Email Newsletters

If you’re blogging and making new videos every month, you’ve already taken care of the content generation side of generating a monthly email newsletter. All you should do is send a captivating email with a link to your article.

A newsletter will help you build more views on your content, which will lead to more conversions if you use a short subject line and clear lead-in language.


Make your company’s Facebook page seem as similar to your website as feasible. It makes perfect sense to convert all of your marketing messaging and branding pieces for Facebook after investing a lot of time and money on them for your website. You’ll get double the mileage out of your essential branding pieces and establish a consistent image across all platforms.

Then there are the chances for involvement that social media presents. You should regularly post entertaining and educational information on Facebook to drive people to your homepage, blogs, and videos.


A LinkedIn profile may be a powerful marketing tool for generating prospects. LinkedIn may help you take your business to another level if you use it correctly. According to a poll of B2B marketers, LinkedIn generates 82 percent of their social media leads.

LinkedIn is not, however, the place to aggressively market or make sales pitches. LinkedIn can push your reseller hosting business far with a bit of ingenuity.

Google Ads

Targeted advertising to those looking for companies like yours, with just a fee; if the user clicks on the ad, it’s the perfect marketing method. It still seems too impressive for some of us, but Google Ads has been bringing that service to life for quite some time.

PPC’s main advantages include the ability to target people who have looked for your business and a demonstrable return on investment and brand exposure. The primary disadvantage is the price.

Because the philosophy of new firms is “you have to spend cash to generate money,” it’s usual to rely on PPC at first. You’ll create some early income and develop momentum while getting all of your other advertising ducks in a row.


Adding value to your service by publishing useful blog material is a specific approach. Customers will appreciate it, but blogging may also assist in converting prospects into customers. It’s known as content marketing, and it entails creating material for a specific audience.

It’s a good marketing technique when the restorative material you provide is visible to both customers and prospects: it gives prospects a taste of the extra support you offer your customers. The challenge is deciding what to write over.

If your client base is diverse – small company owners from various industries – they all want to grow their business. Share what you know about the topic. Make your material on improving firms in that niche if you’ve narrowed down your target market. The more beneficial your blog material is to your target group, the more likely it will attract prospects and persuade them to use your service.


There are strategies to generate a rapid development trajectory straight out of the gate if you’re beginning a new reseller hosting firm. If you’ve been at it for a while but aren’t hitting your income targets, you may boost your marketing efforts to get things back on track.

A playful attitude to promoting your company is the key to improved growth and income at every stage of the game.

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