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Google has recently announced the name of a new version of android named Marshmallow. Along with the name, Google also released a new preview version of Android 6.0 which may be the final update until the official release. The final version of the all new android 6.0 Marshmallow will be released to public in upcoming marshmallow wallpapers

Google has made few notable changes in this new preview. we will talk about the changes in our next post. In this post we would like to talk about the fresh and new wallpapers, Google released along with Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow wallpapers are very attractive and some of them come with 3827×2560, 3108×2560 pixels resolution.

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There are total of 9 wallpapers in all which can be downloaded from the below link. Just click on the link below to grab the .zip file and follow the steps mentioned below to apply android 6.0 wallpapers on your android mobile. If you are a nature lover, you’ll love the wallpapers a lot because most of the wallpapers are earth and nature related. Another great thing about Android 6.0 wallpapers is that they work with any HD or full HD or Quad HD phones.

How To Download And Apply a Marshmallow Wallpaper

  • First download the ZIP file by clicking on it. Be sure to download the full file, not a broken one.
  • Unzip the file on your PC and save the folder on your desktop.
  • Now transfer the unzip folder from your desktop to android mobile using a proper USB cable.
  • Go to apps menu and click on the file manager. Search for the wallpapers folder, once you find it, click on any of the wallpaper to apply it o your android device.

Why you are waiting? Download all of Google’s Marshmallow wallpapers for free and give your android phone a new look.

Click Here To Download Android Marshmallow Wallpapers.

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