6 Popular Media Players of 2013 that are Worth Giving a Try

You can find different media players from thousands of stores. Using these popular media players, you can stream the newest music files. So, here’s a quick look at the top six media players in the market.

6 Popular Media Players of 2013

Windows Media Player 11

Microsoft designed Windows Media Player 11to lock horns with iTunes. It is linked to stores where you can purchase all kinds of media. The overall design of the player is simple; it is quick and supports mobile devices too.

It is easy to operate and works lightening quick in your hands. You can also find a library in the middle of the screen as soon as you launch WMP 11. You can see the list displayed to the right, with space provided to burn music and also use mobile device for synchronizing. A big drawback here is that the software can be used only on Windows 7 and Vista OS, and even if you have hardware, you still won’t be able to watch a Blu-ray movie with Windows Media Player.


TotalMedia Theatre

TotalMedia Theatre from ArcSoft overcomes this drawback, and allows you to enjoy fantastic 3D/blu-ray/HD enabled, smooth, and picture-perfect video playback.

It’s a fabulous all-in-one media player for PCs, and with revolutionary SimHD algorithms, it transforms low-resolution videos, and poor-quality DVDs up to near high-resolution quality.

Users can enjoy dynamic lighting, de-noise, and smoothness enhancements, while itsMagic Menu renders thumbnails easily and switches chapters visually.

It even allows you to access and play media files in the local network with great ease, and comes with plenty of advanced features making it a superb bet.

VLC Media Player

It can play music and also videos in almost every format. It is easy to use and available at no cost. One great feature of VLC is that it can play parts of files, which are incomplete. Irrespective of the format, whether it is RMBV, MPEG, or FLV, it plays ‘em all. It can also play iTunes dealing with other formats. It is possible that all the iTune files can be converted to VLC files. The latest features on this particular music player allow you to fix the audio selections and also video tracks. Here, you can rework Mac OS X interface, which is very basic when it comes to interfacing.

Playback quality is extremely good, and you’ll start loving it as soon as you start playing a track. VLC is widely used to play MP3s, WAVs, DVDs, CDs,Flash video, and other formats.

When you speak about special effects, it includes graphic equalizer; an audio spatializer tool; interactive zoom; AtmoLight video effects; logos and overlays; and special effects such as blur, water, wave, and mirror effects.

popular media players

Halitosis Universal Player

Halitosisis another fabulous media player that works with numerous formats. It can be considered as one of the greatest options that perform fine on the digital media. This player is very much like Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, FLV, Power DVD, and Apple QuickTime Player. It enables you to use the player in every way, whenever you need it, be it for streaming audio or video.

Corel WinDVD Pro

Corel Win DVD Pro is a 2D and 3Dsoftware player that can render fantasticBlu-ray 3D playback and also supports many video formats like AVCREC, AVCHD, DVD-Video, MPEG-2, QuickTime, and FLV.

popular media playersPowerDVD

CyberlinkPowerDVD sounds like a name that is rooted in history, but it is truly a ground-breaking media player that goes beyond the customary disc playback. Installing the PowerDVDis a simple process, and browsing media with PowerDVD is a breeze for even the amateurs.

However, it does lack in a few departments, and ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre scores over it in several departments, and you can read a detailed comparison and PowerDVD and TMT.

We’ve not included WinDVD in this list, because TMT once again scores over WinDVD as well, and we recommend you to try it over PowerDVD and WinDVD for that very reason.

Author Bio – Juliet Millspends most of the time working for a fortune 500 IT firm, and he loves to watch movies using TotalMedia Theatre, and listen tofavorite music tracks. He burns all those tracks in DVDs using WinDVD.

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