5 Best Websites to Watch EURO Online For Free

watch euro onlineWelcome back to Technied.com. Today we would like to share a list of miscellaneous websites that will enable you to watch EURO 2012 live streaming online for free. EURO 2012 will have total 31 matches and will be running for 24 days.

5 Best Websites to Watch EURO Online


This is one of the best and most popular site to watch EURO 2012 online for free.You can watch all live matches of EURO 2012, from the group stage and knockout stage here.


Another free live streaming website to watch EURO 2012.Apart from live streaming, you can also watch highlights, all past EURO 2012 matches here.You need to install a small software on your computer to watch matches.


If you are looking for high quality live streaming sites then this is the best place for you to watch footbal mega event EURO 2012.IraqGoals does not offer many channels but the channels which stream live football here are good enough to fulfill your requirement.


This is the home of free Live streaming sports coverage from around the world, covering: Football, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Tennis etc.


This is the best website to watch all EURO 2012 matches across the world.Not only live streaming of every match you can also Get minute-by-minute updates on the EURO 2012 score anytime, anywhere.Istream is also the official streaming partner of EURO 2012.

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