Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Labeling Tool

When humans and machines work together, there is a significant improvement in the overall performance. If you want positive growth for your business, you should apply artificial intelligence to launch your products, along with innovative customer experience. You’ll need to label videos and images, or bulk of the text, to create production-grade training for the machine learning model.Data labelling Tools

For you to achieve this, all you need is the combination of specialists and smart machines. Modern technology is dynamic and changes at a rapid pace. Your data labeling team needs to catch up with new and emerging ways to label the data.

Here are the other points that you should consider before you choose your data labeling tool.

What to Consider when choosing a Data Labeling Tool?

Compare the Benefits of “Build vs. Buy” Tools

When you want to label the data in your company, you should go for what suits your business’ needs and goals. A ready-made Image labeling tool saves development time and provides stability. You should always look for an image labeling tool that integrates efficiently, facilitates quality framework, and is user-friendly.

To develop software and infrastructure that can take a machine learning project from model validation to production might take approximately six months. If you build your tool, you should be aware that you are against evolving technology and unknown scope.

The Size and Stage of Your Company

If you are a startup or a small business company, you can use an open-source tool that provides you with control over integration, security, and the agility to make changes.

The commercial tooling software is easy to use and economical too because you can configure and deploy the competitive features. If you are running an established company, you should consider using a fully customized commercial tool and avoid substantial development resources.

Consider Your Data Quality Requirements

Most tools include QA features, and you should even consider automating as a portion of your QA. In case you intend to use time-tested automation in data labeling processes, you’ll still require skilled personnel to perform QA on your work. You should engage genuine workforce providers who are capable of producing quality labeling tasks along with extensive experience.

Consider the Main Feature and Function of the Labeling Tool

The kind of data that you may have to label will always determine the type of tool you need to use. There are different data labeling tools for labeling data images, audio, video, and text.

You will find that labeling tools vary in storage options, quality assurance (QA) capabilities, data security certifications, supported file systems, and much more.

If your work primarily needs annotation of an image, you need the image labeling tool. If you work as a speech worker, then you need an audio labeling tool.


The success of your business will be determined by the workforce and the tools you choose.

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