Several Parameters To Be Looked Upon While Selecting SEO Agency in India

selecting seo agencyWhile going to select a SEO agency, there are several considerations to be kept in mind, so that one must get the desired result at the end. We are focussing light on few of such considerations in this guest blog here. Let us know first what an SEO firm do:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Get top rankings in the search engines Guaranteed.
  • Copywriting: Gain a competitive edge with professional keyword rich copy for increased quantity and speed of results.
  • Article Syndication: Drive traffic, establish yourself as an expert, and boost inbound links.
  • Lead Generation: Need more leads? Turn your website into a lead generation machine and extract greater profits from your site visitors.
  • Web Design: Search engine friendly, user friendly and designed to sell.
  • Press Release: Optimized Press Releases enhance your SEO campaign, and get the attention your site deserves.
  • Directory Submission: Get your site listed in the top search directories.
  • Blogs: Harness the power of Blogs for your business.
  • RSS Feed: Spread the word – your site has something to say.
  • Website Surgery: Boost your conversion rates and maximize your return on every advertising dollar.
  • Sitemap Submission: Simple Submission of XML Sitemap to Google.
  • Consulting: Cutting edge strategies to grow your business exponentially.
  • SEO Audit: Discover whether the foundation of your site is a problem for the search engines.

Selecting an SEO Agency in India is an important decision. Here is some guidance on what to look:

  • They should be able to outline all fees and tell you exactly what is included.
  • Any SEO services company knows what they are talking about and should tell you that maintenance and monitoring of rankings is required to ensure you don’t start losing rankings. If they tell you that you will lose rankings as soon as you leave them, they are lying—or more accurately they are just guessing. They don’t really know for sure. However experience shows us that rankings do tend to maintain until the next algorithm shift and then if no one is maintaining them for you, they may begin to drop.
  • Time period: Typically you should hear anywhere from 3—12 months. Anything less than 3 months isn’t long enough to see any matured results. Six months seems to be the industry standard middle ground. With six months you aren’t locked in too long, but it does allow time for the campaign to mature.
  • Contrary to popular belief, guarantees aren’t all bad. You just have to make sure you aren’t being promised something that no one can actually deliver. Top rankings in less than 30 days—not likely. Guaranteed amount of site visitors or conversions—with regular SEO and no other services no SEO Firm can guarantee the precise number of visitors or the conversion rates. If you are told you will get rankings on a precise keyword within a precise amount of time, which just isn’t possible unless they are doing PPC or have magic fairy dust.
  • Ownership of the work: You own the work (once it is paid for in full) and it resides on your server.
  • You should be provided reports once a month to show the results and your site’s rankings.
  • That is a question that literally varies from site to site. Your site’s history and competitiveness of the industry are big factors and the SEO agency should try to answer honestly considering what they know about your site. Any blanket statement is just a guess. They could also tell you their average time for other clients.
  • They should be willing to show off past results.
  • An ethical SEO services IndiaFirm will focus on content and on-page optimization as the foundation. They won’t hide any text or code on your site, and they should be willing to explain every step of their process and not want to hide any information from you.
  • SEO can be confusing and you need a firm that will work FOR you and WITH you, while providing you with personalized service.

Many SEO India companies are run by the same folks who are doing the SEO work. They may be great at what they do, but they lack a strong foundation of business and marketing know-how. Look for the difference. A good SEO agency is attributed to providing you success with a strong background in direct marketing.

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