20 Essential Blog Content Writing Tips for Students

Writing and maintaining a good blog isn’t nearly as easy as many bloggers make it seem. Like all writing, there’s a certain process to it, and certain tips that really help you step up your game. These twenty tips provided by a team of academic essay experts from custom writing website will help you put out solid blog content that will keep the reader’s invested in what you have to say.

Blog Content Writing Tips for Students

1. Choose a Particular Theme

People are usually looking for blogs that cater to specific interests. Don’t jump around from topic to unrelated topic willy-nilly. Pick a subject or theme that matters to you, and use it to attract an audience that cares about it just as much. That said…

2. Establish a Unique Voice

No matter what theme you pick, there will be many other bloggers out there doing the same thing. Even the most niche subject matter will have many bloggers involved with it. Because this is the case, a reader won’t stick around solely for the subject matter; there’s plenty of bloggers to choose from, after all. You have to set yourself apart in how you talk about it. You have to differentiate yourself from everyone else blogging about the same thing. Don’t imitate a blogger you look up to; find your own voice to add to the topic.

3. Whatever you do, be Honest

Do you enjoy being lied to? Almost nobody does, and that includes your readers. They want to feel as though they can trust you and what you’re saying. Nothing will destroy that trust faster than you lying to or misleading them. Be honest; if people don’t like your honesty, they’ll go somewhere else, and the audience that you really want to reach will stick around.

4. Set Reasonable Expectations

Going from nameless blogger nobody knows on the Internet fame doesn’t happen overnight. Accept that it will take time to build your audience and find your stride. Be patient with your progress and growth.

5. Don’t Imitate

This touch on finding your own voice, but here it is anyway; don’t try to imitate another blogger. After all, if a reader can choose between the blogger you’re imitating, who is probably already well-established and popular, or you, a newcomer doing the same thing they’re doing, who are they likely to follow?

6. Pointless Spiels are Worthless

People probably aren’t coming to your blog to hear you rant without any particular point. Always have a point in what you’re saying; if you don’t have a point, you come across as having nothing of value to say, and people don’t like having their time wasted.

7. Bold yet Humble

Don’t be afraid to take sides on issues and make your opinion known. Readers are often looking for someone who encapsulates their own feelings on an issue. But don’t scoff at the notion of being wrong either. If you are well and truly wrong about something, admit it. People that don’t accept responsibility for their mistakes are rarely liked.

8. The Happy Medium

Content that’s too short is a letdown. Content that’s too long is tiresome. Find a happy medium for every post if possible. That said, the length is secondary to the point. Don’t add meaningless text just to lengthen a post if the point of the post is already made.

9. Expect and Accept Criticism

Blogging is usually about opinions. And there’s no way everyone that reads your content is going to agree with you. Criticism is guaranteed. Sometimes they’ll be civil about it, and sometimes they’ll be rude. But don’t ever expect to post something without a critic making their piece on it.

10. Write and Post Often

No matter how interesting your content, if it only gets posted once a month, readers will move onto someone that can keep them interested regularly. Post frequently enough to keep your audience enthused, and write as often as you can as well; any writing you do is practice for your overall skill.

11. Giving Up is the Ultimate Failure

Perhaps this is obvious, but if you give up, you’ve suffered the greatest loss. As long as you continue to persevere, growth continues, however slowly, and the chances of you succeeding rise as well. It’s only when you give up entirely that all your odds drop to zero.

12. Creation vs. Reaction

You can only really do two things as a blogger: create your own content or react to other content. You can do both, but it’s probably better to be known for one or the other. Just know which one you’re doing at any point in time.

13. Design a Good Website

If your blog is ugly, what you have to say is irrelevant. Most people won’t stick around. Whether you hire or design your own, make sure the site you blog on is attractive and intuitive.

14. Do as I Do and as I Say

If you’re looking to role models for insight on how to do things, don’t just follow their verbal advice. Actually, observe the things they do that make them successful and follow suit. This doesn’t include trying to copy their voice or content, of course.

15. Grab Attention

People form an opinion of content under a single second. Make sure the first thing they see, whether that’s a title or an image or anything else, piques their interest.

16. Search for Inspiration

Content with no passion or inspiration is hardly worthy of attention. But waiting around for inspiration can take a very long time. Go out and find your own inspiration: finding it yourself is much more efficient than hoping it always comes to you.

17Avoid Petering On

You’ll note that these tips are mostly presented to you in short sentences. Short sentences have more impact, while especially long sentences are often ignored the longer they drag on. Having more impact is obviously better for your content.

18. Encourage Interaction

Readers like to feel as though their voices can be heard as well. Encourage your audience to get involved with the topic in your posts. Ask for their thoughts or opinions. Readers that feel valued are more likely to stick around.

19. Make Spreadable Content

The easier your content is to share, the more people will ultimately see it. Make sure your posts can be easily shared to social media so your readers can get their friends involved as well.

20. Don’t Focus on Statistics Immediately

It’s easy to get absorbed in how many people are visiting your blog every day but don’t get obsessed with it right out the gate. When you first start, numbers will be low, and convincing yourself that numbers are everything when you first start isn’t doing you any favors.

Taking all of these tips into account, you can see that good blogging isn’t just about how to write; it’s about how to connect to readers and make a unique impression.

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