5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Every Comment

Blogs are a commendable platform of letting your readers speak their heart out. If you had been wondering what could build up immense traffic other than having a good content, then its surely conversations! Every blogger has varying goals when it comes to blogging, there is no hard and fast rule that you ought to follow but when you want to be popular among your readers, responding to their comments can really help you.respond to every comment

What builds up your interest to blog?

Blogs are about knowing new people, making new friends, growing relationships, sharing interests and ideas as well as building a platform where you get to know about stuffs you wish to accomplish. It is a handy tool that has become an inseparable part of people’s lives today. You may have started a blog owing to your love for writing, may be because you want to hear from your readers, talk to them and come across some new ideas this way. But you know what? There are various other reasons as to why you should respond to each and every comments of your readers; to arm you with the wealth of knowledge, here are the top five things you can accomplish with responding.

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Encouraging people to comment:

If you have enabled comments in your blog, you definitely want your readers to interact and leave comments. But remember, your readers don’t leave comment to be left unread so by replying you’re letting them know that you’re involved and interested in interacting with them. Moreover, your readers would be encouraged to come back and speak up again later. This way, readers who don’t generally comment shall be instigated to do so knowing that their words will be read and responded.

Adding to the quality of your posts:

A small innocuous reply can incite many conversation in the commenting box that would add up to enhance the quality of your post. Readers would further explain and discuss about your points, new arguments would be further brought up, queries may turn up to be answered. People would join the discussion and write their own views which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Helping with Search Engine Optimisation:

Though admitted by only a handful of experts, but commenting on the blog posts does help with search engine optimisation. An increase in comments would mean more usage of keywords and more instances where your posts are likely to be found by the web engines for those keywords. In addition to that, new terms which have not been used in the post would be brought up and interacted about, potentially aiding you for those new terms as well.

Adding up to the social proof:

It is a psychological condition occurring while your decisions are influenced with the assumptions that others know more than you do. For instance, if you see a crowd gathered for watching a particular film, chances are that you will walk in to watch the film or at least wish to do so. In the similar way, readers may be inclined to visit your blog because it has more followers and subscribers than other blogs. Normally, your would also be counted in the total comment count of your post. So if you have ten readers who’ve commented, responding to each of them makes up the total of twenty comments in that post. Now that appears to be far more exciting and impressive for the new visitors as well as existing subscribers of your blog.

Helping you build up credibility and authority:

Lastly,by responding to each and every comments in your posts, you pose as an expert in the niche. You are more like a flesh-and-blood human being and is seen as somebody who is caring and compassionate towards the readers which adds to the value of your blog.

Since most busy bloggers do not respond to what their readers got to say, you will stand ahead of the crowd and leaving thoughtfully crafted responses will succeed in creating a deep impact on your readers. And it is not a Herculean task for you- take the time out to speak to your readers and see what happens.

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