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YouTube Revanced is one of the most popular alternatives of YouTube Vanced APK. We all know that recently YouTube Vanced team had stopped its operations at the request of Google. As a result, Youtube Vanced is no longer kept up to date. If you want, still you can use the old APK, but it’s not safe to use. In such situation, YouTube ReVanced APK comes handy.YouTube Revanced

YouTube ReVanced is the “resurrected” version of the YouTube Vanced but developed by two different teams. The best thing about the app is that it is Compatible with the latest YouTube versions to block ads, play videos in the background, play picture-in-picture (PIP), when the screen is off or another application is in use. Along with latest smartphones, the app also supports tablets, smart TVs, android Boxes and android emulators. Now lets have a look at the key features of the app.

Key Features Of YouTube ReVanced

  • Simple and easy to use app, comes with a beautiful UI.
  • Supports true Amoled dark mode to save power and prevent eye strain.
  • Videos can be played in the background or in PiP (Picture in Picture) mode.
  • Auto repeat option lets you play your favourite videos and songs again and again.
  • Swipe controls are there to adjust the brightness and volume easily.

These were the interesting features available inside the app called “YouTube ReVanced”. The best thing is that you can customize everything from screen resolution to playback speed. Unfortunately, the app is not available on Google Play Store. Don’t worry, still you can download the official version of the app from the download link given below.

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YouTube ReVanced APK Free Download

Youtube revanced apkIt is super easy to download the APK file and it does not take more than one minute. To initiate the downloading process, tap on the above download link. And the downloading process will start itself. Once you get the file save it on your phone file manager. If you are using a PC or laptop, just save it on your desktop.

How To Install YouTube ReVanced APK On Your Android Smartphone?

Before installing YouTube ReVanced on your smartphone, you have to download and install Micro G to sync your Google account with YouTube ReVanced.


Check twice that you have downloaded the proper and full APK file, not a broken one.


Now open the downloaded folder/ file manager on your android smartphone and search for the YouTube ReVanced APK.


Once you find the file, tap on it and follow onscreen instructions to initiate the installation process. That’s all. Within a moment YouTube Revanced would be installed on your phone. If you are an iPhone user, unfortunately YouTube Revanced is not available for you.

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