Top 5 Best Android Apps for Fishkeeping Hobbyist

Android Apps For Fishkeeping Hobbyist: Fishes are the most desired pet animals when we think of non-terrestrial species and the reason is because they are visually pleasing. Imagine having a hectic day and coming back to the home only to slouch on the sofa and then stare at the fish swimming in the aquarium. Ain’t it visually pleasing? However, maintaining an aquarium is not as simple as it seems.Best Android Apps for Fishkeeping Hobbyist

One has to be invest both time and effort to make sure that your aquarium stays long. As a fish hobbyist, you must be wondering about the things that are involved in aquarium ventures. Along with a beautiful fish tank, you also need to buy distilled water for your aquarium because distilled water doesn’t contain chemicals mostly found in tap water such as Chlorine and Chloramine. To make all these things easy for you, many fishkeeping apps are being launched on the App Stores but with many apps flooding, we often get confused about what apps to follow. So, here is a list of 5 top android apps for fishkeeping hobbyist. Take a look!

5 Best Android Apps for Fishkeeping Hobbyist


One of the most popular app among fishkeeping hobbyist. Aquarimate is an elegant app designed exclusively for the smartphone users. Once after registering on the app, you can have access to online fish tank along with dimensions, specifications and features.

All this data gets backed up in the cloud and can also be accessed via a particular website or can be stored on the cloud storage on your device, offline. It also features the log option where you can enter your water parameters that eventually get in synch with your profile.

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Being the second best app, it has a lot to offer for you including the information of the reef tanks. It sets customized goals for the pH values, Calcium, Nitrites and Nitrates, dkH values and compares them with your log.

Through this, you will know when you have to perform a water change by setting reminders. You can look up for the suitable fish by browsing through the library of 300 different species and get the best customer service by sharing the logs with our associates.

Practical Fishkeeping

Often more than not, we tend to forget to feed the fish, make water changes and other maintenance related issues. Therefore, to keep a keen check on it; you can instead use the aquaPlanner by ditching the typical notepad.

Through the Practical Fishkeeping app, you can browse through aquariums, perform water analysis, write notes, get notifications, do graphing regarding the ecosystem. Practical Fishkeeping allows you to adjust the parameters and will also let you know when to clean your filter and when to change the fluorescent bulbs.

Aquarium Note

If you want to test the water parameters constantly, then this app is the right fit for you. You can measure the carbonate hardness, the ammonia, calcium levels, the magnesium levels, the nitrite and nitrate levels, the phosphate levels etc. Apart from that it also allws you tthe specific gravity, temperature and also the total dissolved solids.

Therefore, it is an innovative way to keep a check on your aquarium with a unique concept and specific tasks.

Fish Lore

Compatible with both freshwater and saltwater aquarium; this app also containns a discussion forum where you can ask questions and get multiple answers from all the fish hobbyists around the world.

It is a must have app if you’re looking for a thriving aquarium.  The app acts like a livestock library related to the saltwater and freshwater species be it the plants, coral species or the invertebrates. In this way, you can balance your water levels, enhance your filtration procedure. And make sure that your ecosystem is healthy by expressing your doubts regarding the fishkeeping.

Summing Up About Best Android Apps For A Fishkeeper

On a whole, download any of the above mentioned top and best Android apps for FishKeeping Hobbyist and make your aquarium, a better one right away. What are you waiting for?

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