What alternative social networking apps are around

alternative social networking appsIf you have a smartphone like the htc one x or the iPhone 4 you may wish to download Facebook or Twitter onto it via the iTunes store or the Google store, depending on what OS your smartphone is running with. Facebook and Twitter can be vital tools because for some of us, Social Networking can be our means by which we organize groups of staff, colleagues or functions; often using sites where privacy is minimal.

As a by-product of these sites’ openness however, many of your actions are scrutinized by people who may not even be involved. We organize workflow, events, parties and clubs via these sites, but sometimes yearn for a more private and close social forum; whereby we can address members of our group on a more direct and personal level. For those that hanker for a less cluttered and more immediate social network, the Everyme App could be useful.

Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn can seem like raucous jumbled places which represent the exact opposite of our private lives. Everyme is somewhere in between these two worlds. If you lecture a class, organise a sports club or plan to arrange an event you would certainly be wise to use the Everyme App over Facebook – downloadable from the iTunes store.

Many businesses now equip their staff with iPhones in an attempt to improve connectivity between employees. Everyme can be set up to include a distinct group, and messaging is untarnished by the distractions and noise associated with larger ‘all-encompassing’ social networking sites.

Messages are sent to the group rather than individuals which may sometimes be a pain but the group ethos is at the heart of the application – if you instruct a class and need to talk to a body of people in a secluded setting, Everyme is ideal. It does most of the work for you by sending out texts or email inviting the people you have chosen to register with the group.

Maybe you’re arranging a stag do, teaching a craftwork class or organising a small body of staff in a shop or office where group coherence is vital. Download Everyme for a social networking experience without the chaos.

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