Samsung Galaxy S7: More fun with More Features and Specs

People have huge faith on Samsung and its every smartphones are the most used mobile phone in the world. Samsung is controlled and knows to remain in limelight. Therefore, we always wait for the Samsung phones release rather than other company’s devices.

Samsung Galaxy S series is worthy and has build foundation with its presence. You will be more cleared if you notice its previous releases. Galaxy S4 was the smartphone of 2014 and still amazing in its performance also hitting the market without fail. S5 was unable to win the admiration of customers all because of its few shortcomings like no battery life, no specific design and no storage capacity etc.

Recently the release of S6 has created more magic and builds more expectations among people for Samsung. Till now S6 is determined to focus its users. We are having same expectations and even more from S7 and I think that this will benefit Samsung company lot. Check out the updates of Galaxy S7.

Specs of Galaxy S7

4GB RAM is not a common stuff for any smartphones as laptop cannot generally carry such huge capacity what S7 is having. Galaxy S7 may make some twist after noticing Apple what it has to offer ultimately in case of space.

This phone is carrying Exynos processor with the 64 bit. If you will check its speed then it has a 3.5 GHz, which is amazing so give yourself more fun and excitement with the fastest speed experience on your device.

The internal memory of 128 GB is something I can say least about S7 but S7 can offer us more as Galaxy S6 is already having 128 GB.

Features of Galaxy S7

I am compiling only those features, which is by far new lies in the device.

30 MP Cameras
30 MP Camera is worthless to use according to few people statement. However, I think there is nothing wrong if you have that much MP. GigaPixel feature will allows you to shoot amazingly with its awesome clarity in the images.

It has Amoled display 4K, 5.5 inch.

5G Network is very big lies in case of connectivity. 4G network you cannot get command over on your phone so 5G networks will give users to have easy browsing without facing any issues.

Sensor feature is something very uncommon for the smartphones. Now your phone can give you information about your body temperature and that isaccurate. Isn’t it so exciting?

Waterproof Tech
Water is the rival for your phone so waterproof feature is here to rectify your this issue. S7 has caliber to be safe against dust as well.

Samsung Galaxy S7 price is expected to be $999.

In 2016, Galaxy S7 is coming with galaxy Note 5and will provide you amazing experience with its presence.

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