Upgrade Your Smartphones IQ with AVG

Smart security with AVG ensures that your mobile device will be protected, whether you are using it or the device is stolen. With quality security, your mobile device will be able to function at the highest levels, providing you with an upgrade to your smartphones IQ. The AVG Android antivirus app is easily downloaded and offers quality features that are sure to come in handy.Smartphones IQ with AVG<

Smart Security Options

Once you download the AVG application, you will find that your phone is now protected with a number of safeguards including anti-theft, antivirus, app lock and more. Once the Android Antivirus is downloaded, the application runs quietly in the background helping to protect your mobile device from unsafe applications, unwanted callers, malware, the latest viruses, and spyware.

Quality Features

The mobile Android security application offers many quality features to help your information stay secure. The anti-theft phone tracker is ideal if you ever lose your device or it is stolen. You can use the anti-theft website of the application to locate your device via Google Maps. You even have the ability to sound an alarm as well as remotely lock your device.

Keep others from using your device by downloading the application and activating a pin code and camera trap. No one will be able to gain access to your device unless they know your unique pin code. With the camera trap, if anyone goes snooping on your device, a photo will snap. You will have physical evidence as to who tried to access your mobile phone.

On top of the mobile security features, the application will also provide you with access to App Backup. With App Backup, you will be able to back up your apps on the SD card of your device, helping you to always have access to your favorite games and utilities.

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