A Universal Best Car Wax: A Reality Or A Myth

Is it true that costly car waxes fare no better than cheaper ones? Is it true that pastes are usually better than liquids? Is it also true that irrespective of the wax you choose the frequency of washes determine the sheen of your car?
Universal Best Car Wax

Yes! The answer to all those questions is an unequivocal “yes”. It is true that the costliest car wax may not be the best one for you. In fact incompatibility with your car paint may even cause the most expensive and celeb praised car wax to look plasticy on your bumpers. So the more pressing concern is how to choose the right kind of best car wax for your car?

Point 1: do not forget that all waxes require time, commitment, patience and definitely a lot of work. Just like the Karate Kid, keep practicing your “wax on, wax off” from now on if you want your finish to come out perfect. The right technique is all that matters mostly and the cheapest car wax for black car can make the paint underneath look fluid and glimmering. Regular waxing saves your car from grit, grime, bird droppings and permanent marks left by small scratches. But we would advise you to steer clear of anything labeled “cleaner wax”. Although they do promise to save a lot of work, they actually damage your car paint. Most market loved cleaner waxes contain corrosive chemicals which can dull the paint of your car body.

Point 2: how old is your car really? Do not try to push a 20 year old ride into looking like it just left the showroom. Because, accept it! It is just not possible. Also using an easy spray wax to restore its 20 year old sheen is no less than ridiculous. You should choose the wax type depending on the age of your car. If your car is 1 or 2 years old you can easily use a spray wax to restore the gleam. Otherwise choose a paste-type wax which requires quite a bit of elbow grease but promises quite a stunning end result even for 20 year old vintages.

Point 3: how much plastic can your car take? Do you notice something sticking like a layer of clean film on your bumpers and door trim? Well unfortunately, that is cheap wax which was not distributed evenly. Do not forget to check the compatibility of a polishing product with your car plastic finishes. History has shown us that once wax gets on plastic body parts you will definitely need professional cleaner to get the plastic off!

If you want a simple solution

If you do not want to weigh so many pros and cons before making a decision, simply go for a Carnauba Wax. This is eco-friendly, free from abrasive chemicals and also one of the most trusted among the car collectors who value cars more than their lives. This is made from the leaves of a tropical palm tree Copernica cerifera and has no corrosive effect on the car paint either. The rich resin makes the pain shine like a liquid pool under the clean coat of natural wax.

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