List of Best Free Applications for iPhone 4

best free apps for iphone 4Welcome back to TechNied.Today I come with a list of best free applications for iphone 4.If you have just bought your iphone 4, then these are the list of apps you must install on your iphone 4.

7 Best Free Applications for iPhone 4

1. Office² Plus :

Office² Plus is one of the most popular free app for your iphone 4.This app app enables you to easily transfer, view and share files from MobileMe iDisk, and Google Docs.Office² Plus integrates with Google Docs and MobileMe iDisk to let you have access to your important documents at all times.Download Link

2. Tap & Tell :

This application allows you to update your favorite social network, easily and quickly.So now you don’t need multiple applications to access your favourite social networking sites.Download Link

3. TextPlus :

From the name you have guess something about the app.Am I right?With this application you can send unlimited text from your iphone 4 without paying a single penny.This application also works with iPod and ipad.Another beautiful thing about TextPlus is that it provides you with your own, free personal phone number.Download Link

4. Google Earth :

Another most popular application of iphone 4. Google Earth lets you fly to far corners of the world with just the swipe of a finger.Download Link

5. The WordPress App on iPhone 4

If you are a blogger like me then this is must have application for your iPhone 4.With this free application users can easily edit WordPress posts, make new posts and edit comments along with many other available features.So from onwards you can update your blog when you are in a bus or in a train.Download Link

6. Pandora Radio

Pandora is one of the most popular music app on the iPhone 4.Pandora Radio allows the user to customize their music experience and streams music from thousands of bands.So if you are a music lover then don’t forget to install this fantastic app on your iPhone 4.Download Link

7. iTranslate

A free translation tool for iPhone 4. iTranslate supports more than 50 languages. Just talk into your iPhone 4 and receive an instant translation in languages such as French, Japaneses, Spanish.Download Link

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