5 Best Online File Converters

best online file convertersWelcome Back to TechNied.Today we would like to share some great free online file converters and the beautiful thing is you no need to download any software in your PC. Just try these and convert any medias or documents easily from one format to another.

5 Best Online File Converters

1.Free File Converter

One of the most popular, free and best online file converters. By using this tool you can convert your documents, images, audio and video files up to a maximum size of 200MB per file for free.


Another popular web based file converter tool. This tool also allow you to convert any documents, images, audio, video etc. Just upload the file and convert it to different format.

3.Media Converter

A free audio and video converter that converts files up to 100MB in size. But free conversion is limited to 5 files per day. With this amazing tool you can convert files directly from social networking sites like Facebook or YouTube.


One of the most popular online image converter. This tool supports wide variety of different image formats and allows you to convert files up to 5 MB in size.

5.PDF to word converter

Using this free tool, you can quickly and easily create editable DOC/RTF files from any PDF file. I have been using this free online file converter for last two years.

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