Microsoft Unveiled Windows Phone 8

windows phone 8The software giant Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 8, the new version of its mobile operating system at the Windows Phone Developer Summit 2012.As expected it comes with lots of new and interesting features.It borrows much of its code base from Windows 8.

  • Windows Phone 8 will support multi-core chipsets.
  • WP8 will come with built-in Internet Explorer 10 with features, like “SmartScreen anti-phishing.”IE10 also provides full HTML5 support.Removable micro SD supported.
  • WP8 will also comes with a range of resolutions-WVGA, WXGA, and 720p.
  • WP8 will include Nokia’s mapping technology.It comes with features like offline map support, map control for developers and Turn-by-Turn directions.
  • Windows phone 8 will have a mobile wallet.Microsoft calls it “The most complete wallet experience.”If the phone has NFC and a “secure SIM” from your carrier, you can make payments.
  • WP8 will support IPV6, NFC and improved Bluetooth for networking.
  • It will support encryption (BitLocker encryption), secure boot, LOB App deployment, Device Management, and Office.
  • New start screen. The right rail is gone and there are three sizes of icons now- Large “double-wide,” standard medium and small.
  • Purchasing a new app for your windows phone 8 is dam will automatically launches the wallet, where you have to enter your PIN, and then you can choose how you would like to pay for that thing you just bought.
  • Conversations with apps also possible in Windows Phone 8.

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