Evolution of Online Shopping

Which one of us can honestly say that he or she has never shopped online? The answer is gradually getting close to “no one” – and it’s highly likely that in the next years it will stay that way. Given the huge (and still growing) demand for online services, it’s not surprising that the e-commerce platforms are getting more and more elaborate, offering new features every couple of months. Just a decade ago no one would expect that much. But nowadays, you can buy everything online from a MacBook to Camping GPS tracker. There is one aspect of e-shopping that hasn’t changed much, though – the delivery. evolution of online shopping

Usually we’re given the same couple of delivery options with fixed prices and some of them can be really steep, especially if you’re buying electronics or furniture. But does it have to be this way? Shouldn’t the delivery cost depend on the route length and the weight of the products we are buying? In online stores there are usually a few ‘delivery levels’ your package can reach – for example: level 1 can contain packages up to 20 lbs, level 2 – up to 50 lbs and so on. Seems simple enough, especially for the seller. But it also means that if you order a 23 lbs package, you will reach delivery level 2 and pay way more than you should. Is there a way to avoid it? Most furniture and electronics you can pick up yourself. Given you’re living in a driving distance from the store and have a car that will allow you to safely transport bought items. And if you don’t? Or what if you’ve bought something online and the seller doesn’t offer a delivery service at all (e. g. when he’s just someone looking to get rid of the thing he no longer need)? This is where online transport marketplaces come in handy. They were created as a solution for everyone who is looking for a cheaper way to transport things.

Online transport marketplace allows you to find and book a transport provider who will ship anything you need transported, even if it’s too big or fragile to be sent via courier. This way of transporting is not only convenient (the whole process takes place online, much like on customer-to-customer marketplace, such as eBay), but also cheaper than most popular transport providers. How is it possible?

The cost of transportation is lowered by reducing empty runs – transport providers that offer to ship your items are already transporting something on the route you need and want to take an additional load to earn some extra money.  This means you can significantly lower the transportation cost. Clicktrans is a good example of such a marketplace. With 30,000 registered transport providers, Clicktrans offers to ship just about anything within the EU. All you have to do is place a listing on the website and wait for the transport providers to make you an offer. Then you can choose the one that works best for you. Company has originated from Poland, but for years is has been successfully operating also in other EU countries, especially UK, Spain and Germany. Visit the company’s website to find out, how much you can save on transportation of various items or the company’s blog for tips about transportation and removals.

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