How To Record Screen On iOS

With a smartphone, you have endless possibilities. From tracking down your friends and finding latest deals in the location to being able to record your screen, there are so many things you can do with your iOS. We know that iOS has innumerable capabilities that have the power to change our world and the way we live. You can also record the screen on iOS using the several types of applications. In this article I will tell you how to record screen on iOS.

Record Screen On iOS

If you want to record screen on iOS then there are basically two types of applications that can be used – AirShou Screen Recorder and Everycord Screen Recorder.

AirShou Screen Recorder

The AirShou Screen Recorder can be used in Apple devices that run on iOS platform. You may also root the iOS devices to record your mobile screen. There’s no watermark or time limit. It is an ad free application and it is extremely easy to use to start and stop the recording.

You will not find this application in the official App Store. However there are some other trusted sources that give you access to these types of screen recorders.

AirShou allows you to record screen with the HD and Full HD videos without interfering with the performance of your device. It allows you to record your own face as well as emotions in a tiny window, This can be dragged easily to any screen position where you can customize the recorded screen to any capacity or size.

The application also allows you to record your own audio using the mic and automatically mix it with the screencast videos. This feature of the application makes it easier to create promotional videos, tutorials, comment about a game or record a video chat. Download AirShou to enjoy all the feature listed above.

Everycord Screen Recorder

The free screen recorders on the iOS platform seem to be having a difficult time as the App Store removed them without any warning. The others that are available are not so good in quality. So this has left the iOS users looking for new and better options to record the screen using high-quality video capabilities. One of the biggest benefits of using the Everycord Screen Recorder app is that it allows you to record your favorite games such as Minecraft and Clash of Clans. You can then export it to the Camera Roll.

So what you have here is a much more reliable and steadfast version of the iRec. They have one of the best quality screen recorders available. The features are absolutely amazing and you can’t find them ikn any other recorder. Basically, the Everycord Screen Recorder app allows you to record videos at a resolution of 1080p with 30 or 60 fps.

When your phone is running on low storage, you may choose to record videos at 480p or 720p. You may use any of the device’s mic for the smartphone’s external microphone. It also gives you the freedom to change the audio quality. We are sure after reading so many features of the app, you are eagerly waiting to download Everycord on your iOS device. It’s easy to download and install the screen recorder app on your device and the whole process does not take more 2-3 minutes.

We hope this information comes handy and it helps you record the screen on iOS.

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