Free Download Soundhound for Mac (Pro, Air And iMac)

SoundHound is a very popular music app among iOS and Macbook users. This is a free song dicovery tool that can listen and identify the song instantly. The app comes handy when you are in a picnic place or in a party and heard an awesome song, but unfortunately you can’t recognise the song name. What you need to do is that just record few lines of the trackand SoundHound app will automatically find the the name and artist along with a link to the iTunes store. It is a must have macbook app for music lovers. To know more about the app and to free download SoundHound for Mac, kindly read the artcle thoroughly.Download Soundhound for Mac

SoundHound has above 300 millions active users all around the world. The app is so intelligent that it can identify the accurate track even from a poor quality recorded song. Not only that, the app also helps its users to identify similar tracks. Smartphone users can enjoy a hands-free listening experience using voice for playback controls – play, stop, pause, replay, or even turn up the volume, just by asking! That’s awesome. Right? Now let’s have a look at the key features of the app.

Key Features of SoundHound

  • Simple and easy to use app comes with an attractive and interactive user interface.
  • The app can easily hear the audio from a distance of over one feet and can find the proper song with a moment.
  • Database of songs all across the world gets updated regularly.
  • Find and download any song you couldn’t remember just by using the humming feature.

We have been using this app for last two years and able to find over 98% of the songs I have looked up. And the best thing is
that SoundHound works superbly even when there was a lot of background noise while the songs were playing. To download SoundHound for Mac go through the tutorial mentioned below.

How To Download SoundHound For Mac

SoundHound For MacbookSoundHound is one and only app of its kind. The ability to recognise both singing and humming is incredible. Apart from finding songs, one can also use this app to find details about the tracks they listen to. Apple iPhone users can download the app directly from App store. Macbook users need an emulator to run SoundHound on their system. Find complete details here-

How to Install SoundHound on Macbook Air / Pro

Step 1

First you need to get Mac emulators like Bluestacks to run SounHound app. You can download the app from their official website. If you are looking for the complete step by step guide kindly read “How To Run iOS apps on Macbook“.

Step 2

We guess, you have successfully downloaded Bluestacks on your Mac from the above mentioned link and installed it on your system. Once the installation is completed open the app for availing the features of the it.

Step 3

Now type “SoundHound” on the search bar of Blustacks app and within a moment the app will be listed there. Click on the app to initiate downloading process.

Step 4

Once the process is completed, install SoundHound app on your Macbook.

That’s all. Now you can run World’s most popular song discovery app on your Macbook Air/Pro. If you have faed any difficulty just let us know through our comment. We’ll try solve your query. Thanks for reading.

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