Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Grow

Blogging is a very lucrative career, and many people actually do it as a full-time job. However, for it to work, you have to know the right cards to play and at what time. Many blogs are failing because their owners are doing something wrong.Reasons why your Blog doesn’t grow

Are you wondering why your Blog doesn’t grow even though you’re putting in much effort to make it work? It could be that you’re unconsciously sabotaging yourself. Online content writing requires you to know what audience you’re targeting.

You cannot just write for the sake of writing because then people won’t have a reason to visit the Blog. Make sure you go through refresher courses each time you feel you’re losing your touch as a blogger. As you know, reading trends change over the years, and what might have worked last year might not be what your Blog needs this year.

A blog, like any other venture, requires nurturing for it to flourish. Make sure you create engaging content that will help start important conversations. Otherwise, your articles will be lost in the noise of the blogging scene.

There are so many bloggers out there addressing the same issues. The only way for you to succeed as a blogger is to bring a fresh perspective. You need to address issues from a unique perspective to get the attention of your audience.

Let’s find out reasons that could be behind your blog’s lagging.

1.     You’ve not taken time to Master your Audience

When you specialize in a given niche, you should find out who you’ll be writing for. Mastering your niche is the key to a successful blog. You cannot write generalized articles and expect to capture the attention of your audience.

Use the blog posts you’ve already written to find out which topics interest people the most. Thankfully, you can use metrics like likes, comments and shares to determine each post’s performance.

Once you know what interests your readers, you should put in the effort to ensure you’re always writing quality articles. Make sure that your readers can learn something new on each blog post you publish.

2.     Failure to Proofread

Even if you’re blogging as a hobby, it’s important to proofread all the posts before you publish them. The reason why your blog is not growing could be because you publish articles with typos. No one wants to follow a blogger who doesn’t take their time with their articles.

The writing process is only the beginning of the work you need to do on each article. Once you finish creating, you need to take your time to go through the article and ensure it is grammatically on point.

You can always use editing applications to make your work easier. Better still, work with an editor because fresh eyes will help grammar check mistakes much faster.

You are better off posting once every week rather than every other day as long as your posts are high-quality.

3.     Not doing enough research

As earlier mentioned, writing contributes to a small percentage of the content creation process. Before you start typing anything, you need to make sure that you know everything about the topic you want to address.

Research is necessary even when you’re well conversant with the topic in question. Make sure you dedicate enough time to research as this makes writing quite easy. You need to source your information from well-reputed websites and provide links where necessary.

The only way to establish your website as a reliable source of information is to do enough research. If you make the mistake of misinforming your audience even once, you’ll lose credibility fast.

4.      Create Engaging Content

Even if you’re addressing technical topics, your articles need to be as engaging as possible. Make sure you spark curiosity in your readers. They should have the urge to learn more once they finish reading your articles.

Link bank to sources that provide more information so they don’t go far to find what they’re looking for. Be sure to reply to the comments as so that you learn more about your reading audience.

You need to include relevant CTAs in your articles to encourage readers to take different actions. If you’re selling products, this is your opportunity to direct customers to your product pages.

5.     Address Trending Topics

This is the surest way to ensure your blog grows. People will always be interested in trending topics. Use your blog to voice your opinion on what is happening and give your audience the opportunity to do the same in the comments.

Make sure you establish yourself as a brand with a stand so that you can attract the right community. Remember, as a blogger; you’re not meant for everyone. It is not possible for you to please every reader on the internet. Focus your energy towards attracting readers who share your school of thought. This way, writing for them will be easier.


Blogging is lucrative when you know how to play your cards. Make sure you know your audience and write content that targets them. Remember to address trending topics as well to keep your readers on the know.

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