Top Online Websites For Increasing Your Productivity And Entertainment

Someone has rightly pointed out that the world is getting shorter. The literal meaning of that sentence is senseless. But if we see, it really is becoming shorter. Distances are being shortened by the means of technology.

Now a days, almost anything can be done by the means of internet. You can get hired to do a job, or hire anyone else to do that job for you. You can video-chat with a person sitting in another country, or listen to music while you work.

Here in this post, I list some of those websites for increasing your productivity.

increasing your productivity

Entertainment & Movies

1. IMDb  Your online movies-TV-Documentary guide. You can even buy the movies titles you are interested in doing so. Plus, you have got a box-office gross of the movie, a trivia section, a goof-ups section dedicated to every film. It also has apps across every platform.

2.  Watch movies and TV shows online for free. This website lists all the recently released movies along with TV shows as after they have been broadcasted. Not all movies are of good qualities, however that quality is written beside the name of the movie. A movie may be hosted on multiple websites but for me only two until now have worked. This is one big flaw as those two websites are not always available sometime.

3. Trak.Tv  Track the TV shows or movies you watch across media platforms. Track what your friends are watching and explore other films in that genre. Its apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


1.  Listen to Bollywood, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and English songs.

2. Dhingana  Same as, though I find it more responsive.

3. MP3Skull  Download all MP3 or remixes you need at one place. Other alternative: – BeeMP3.

Productivity & Development

1. JSFiddle  It lets you write or demonstrate HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes quite easily. There are 4 panels for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The remaining one is for output. This is also quite useful if you want to share some codes.

2. CodeAcademy  Online academy to learn programming languages for free. It teaches in an interactive manner. There are exercises for each module you finish.

3. DynamicDrive  You can find a lot of codes here. Codes ranging from displaying a clock at your web page to having a notepad at your service can be found here. Slideshows, menus, combo-boxes and all form of CSS scripts are available too for free.


1. Dropbox  Offers cloud storage. There is a free account, but not much storage provided (but still in GBs).

2. GDrive  Google’s answer to Dropbox.

3. SkyDrive  Microsoft’s answer to GDrive.

4. Mega  This site offers 50GB of cloud storage free of cost. This means that you have an online disk drive at your service. Plus, its encrypted means more safety for your files. Plus this website won’t go down the same way like MegaUpload.


1.  Your piece of paper in this world of cloud! Write information and then share it.

2. Google Docs  Create a power point presentation, a word document, excel file all online plus save it on GDrive.

3. Screenr  Do you want to record your monitor with HD quality? Perhaps you are making a tutorial series and don’t want to buy a recording software that’s too expensive. Then you try screencast. It would record your screen (you decide what portion) and then make it into 5-min HD video. The free version has a limitation of 5 minutes only.

4. TinyPic  Upload your picture or video online for free and in just minutes. It’s a hassle free method to upload a picture.

5. Wattpad  You can make it your own personal diary in cloud. Sign up and read other users story or publish your own.

If you use these tools correctly you can greatly expand your Internet experience. Some of the names on this list are common like Google Docs, however some like Mega are new and some like or Wattpad are new.

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