3 Tips to Buying an Airpod Skin That Will Last

It is a common practice to have skins on ones iPhone and other gadgets. So, why not try installing them on your airpods as well? Most airpods come in a plain white color all through which can be a bit dull and boring. Adding skins on gives them style and also protects their surface from scratches, making skins super beneficial to have.Tips to Buying an Airpod Skin

Here Are 3 Tips to Buying An Airpod Skin That Will Last:

  1. Choose A Skin That Will Not Peel Off

There are airpod skins that are made of a very light material that will easily peel off days after fitting it on your airpods. Avoid such skins. Good skins are those that stick well without forming creases and perfectly align on the airpods.

They should also stick to the airpod firmly without sliding off while putting them on and off your ears. While it’s not advisable to touch your airpods with wet hands, ensure that you buy skins which won’t be affected by water. They should also be resistant to scratches that may come about as a result of holding the airpods with long nails.

The sticky side which attaches to the airpod surface should have a good grip, firm enough to hold the skin in place without discoloring the surface of your airpods. It is advisable that you buy two sets in case you mess up the first installation and can retry with the second set. Some companies send two skin sets in one packaging which is a plus for you.

  1. Choose A Skin That Isn’t Slippery

One of the main problems with slippery skins is that they tend to fade off within a short time period and the discoloring makes the skins appear ugly.

You’ll also want skins with a good texture that provide grip to your hands. This is especially useful for people who tend to have sweaty hands. It is easy for the airpods to slide off your hands and fall off if the skin texture lacks proper traction.

Go for skins also that quickly dry off when they come in contact with water, skins which do not attract moisture. If you buy skins which tend to remain moist when you wear your airpods, you’ll have a problem with them slipping off your hands. Ensure that the skin texture is one that stays dry and is moist-free all the time.

  1. Choose Skins Which Won’t Interfere with The Airpod Performance

Airpod skins that will last are those which won’t interfere with the performance of your airpods. First off, they should not interfere with the charging of your airpods. The skins should also allow the airpods to fit comfortably in the charging case as they did before installing them.

The skins should also not interfere with the connectivity of your airpods. They should not cover the sensor as this will hinder the right connection from the airpod unit. A connection should always register every time you place the airpod on your ear with the skin installed on it.


Skins add some style and life to your airpods and are worth having. They are quite cheap to buy and you should aim for the best quality. Wondering where to get the best airpod skin deals? Check out Wraps Studio Skins.

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