iPhone 7 to do away with the 3.5 mm jack in the wake of dual speaker support!

September is a couple of months away still, but there is no right time for talking about an iPhone 7, isn’t it? We are expecting and hoping a lot from the iPhone 7 as with each successor Apple has delivered only better. However, there are some news and rumours over the phone which has taken over the Smartphone market.iphone 7

Here is on what we have to say about one of the major rumour!

The most well flourished rumour for the iPhone 7 is about Apple getting rid of the 3.5 mm jack for dual speakers and of course to make the iPhone 7 the thinnest ever.

There have been quite a number of news and reports claiming that the iPhone 7 will be shipped without the 3.5 mm jack. The news comes in the wake of the fact that they are supposed to turn into the slimmest phone ever. Those who still wish to use the wired earphones will have to buy a lighting port adapter or else buy a certified lighting port headphone.

Now coming to the point, the elimination of 3.5mm jack isn’t just to give the phone a slim waist line but also to accommodate for another speaker to enhance volume quality. The iPhones currently work with one speaker fixed at the bottom near the headphone jack. The iPhone 7 will however come handy with a dual speaker set up. Upcoming iphone will release with ios 10.

There has also been news that the iPhone 7 might as well be launched with lightening equipped headphones; as heard of earlier as well. Also, they will not be supporting dynamic noise cancelling system. There will be a digital code for the Smartphone this year!

The iPhone 7s which is likely to hit the market next year will incorporate into itself Cirrus Logic’s for providing a better facilitated noise cancelling; this also however will require a digital code.

“We still believe there is potential for AAPL to add ANC in the IP7S but believe AAPL is including just the digital headphone in the IP7 this year,” they wrote.

That was all about it. The elimination of the headphone jack and a dual speaker system in turn sounds to be one heck of an idea; one major problem being that users will now be forced into suing wireless Bluetooth speakers! While it is good news for many, it poses a number of problems as well! To give a unique look to your device, you can also use some of the best iPhone wallpapers. A well designed wallpaer always make your iPhone look gorgeous.

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