How to Cheat on a Test

Exam success boils down into three factors. 20% innate ability, 30% knowledge of the subject and 50% strong exam skills. You may be an are excellent test taker and some have difficulty whether it is basic test anxiety or the lack of knowledge and ability. It is possible to increase your abilities and add skills to your repertoire to pass or cheat exam. cheat on a test

Therefore you can assume that cheating takes the same amount of work and depending on how good of a cheater that you are will depend on how much anxiety you will experience. There are the tried and true methods that have helped students cheat in the past. Some of them are to take a beverage into class with notes on the label. You can also tape then to the bottom of a baseball cap or on a bandage on your hand. I have seen one student tape the answers to the underside of the flaps on the legs of her jeans and she got away with it without incident.

Often spending time writing the answers out may help you learn the material and you may not need your notes. Further, it may take as much time to plan and prepare for cheating as it would to cram for the test. Impersonation has been a popular option if you have no history with a teacher such as an SAT test. This has led to arrests though so you will need to weigh the risks.

There is a lot of excellent technology out there today to assist you in your cheating abilities such as your cell phone that can obviously double as a computer allowing you to google definitions throughout the test. There are also built in calculators for mathematics as well as computerized glasses that allow you to scroll through information easily for access to the answers. Additionally, there are even newer and better options such as the the spy earpiece which fits comfortably in your ear and allows another student to feed you the answers from a remote location.

“The Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson University has reported that more than 75 percent of college students cheat in some way on school work or exams at least once during their undergraduate careers. The nationwide rate of college students admitting to cheating on tests and exams is 22 percent.”

Teachers are also aware of all of cheating methods so it should be noted that they will be on the lookout for these techniques. They may switch exams so that previous classes will not be able to share the correct answers with you. But beware as some students have been caught and charges brought against them for their cheating ways. In conclusion, new technology is amazing and the best method today is the spy earpiece as it is basically undetectable by a straight on look. You are able to get more information about this product with the link above.
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