Download MyAppSharer APK Free for Android

Would you like to share installed android apps with your friends and family? If yes, we have a great app for sharing android apps from one mobile to another easily. The name of the app is MyAppSharer. Actually, this app allows users to transfer APK files from one android to another through various sharing options like bluetooth, whatsapp, dropbox, drive MyAppSharer app

The best thing about MyAppSharer is that it automatically converts android apps into APK files. No any converter is required. You can download the amazing app from Google Play Store for free. Not only that you can also download MyAppSharer Apk by following the simple tutorials mentioned below. Do follow the tutorial and get the app on your android phone to share APKs with others.

Top Features of MyAppSharer App

  • Share APKs of installed apps quickly via bluetooth, email, dropbox, drive and many more.
  • Share multiple apps at a time.
  • Backup your app to SD card card by using the feature “export APK to SD card”.
  • No need to signup with the App.
  • The app comes with simple user interface and occupies small memory space in RAM.

download MyAppSharer APKAll the features mentioned above made the app very popular among android users. You don’t have to root your android phone to make the app. One more thing you should know that the person no need to have this android app installed on his/her phone to receive and install the APKs which you share.

Download MyAppSharer APK for Android – Latest Version

download MyAppSharerIt is easy to download MyAppSharer APK. Just click on the above download button and the download process will start automatically. Depending on your net speed, it may take few seconds to minutes. We suggest you to download MyAppSharer APK on your desktop so that you can find the file easily.

How to Install MyAppSharer APK on Android Mobile?

Step 1:

Make sure, you have downloaded the complete APK file, not a broken file.

Step 2:

Now its time to transfer the file from desktop to android phone. You can complete the process through USB data cable.

Step 3:

Once you have completed the transfer process, go to app menu and open the file manager. Now search for the MyAppSharer APK. Once you find the APK file, click on it and the app will automatically installed on your phone.

Congrats! You have successfully installed MyAppSharer APK on your android phone. Now click on the app to open it and Share installed Android Apps with your family and friends.

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