Create Short And Funny Content To Make Those Around You Laugh

Whether you are looking for funny photos or videos to crack your friends up, to get inspiration to make your own memes, or needing to keep your content fresh and consistent for your online business, there are loads of resources online and apps that can help you achieve laughter for any digital situation. There are apps that can help you build funny memes from photos you have or find online, apps to help you produce and edit videos, and just plain funny apps and sites you can copy and send to friends.Create short and funny content copy

Finding Funny Content

Some of the funniest websites and apps have themes like a collection of notes, birthday cards, funny check memos and other funny items collected and posted, or a site dedicated to photos of the random things people write in toilet stalls, or what strangers overhear in conversations in New York City. Some of these funny website links consist of photos you can copy and add to your meme or video app, comment on for fun or send to friends in no time. For example, you want to have fun with your friend’s upcoming birthday by putting a video together of older people celebrating birthdays. You know like the video of the older woman trying to blow out the candles and she accidentally spits out her dentures and can’t stop laughing, yeah, like those. You can go to and funny websites like that and look up different videos to load to your video editing app. Click on the link below to find some really good apps to share and create laughs.

Keep reading on for more ideas on how to create and use funny content.

Let’s Make You Funny

There are many ways to learn how to be funny with apps and have a hilarious time doing it. There are apps that let you let you record your vocals against any song, so if you have a friend that really despises a certain song and you want to tease them, this app will let you send them your version over and over again. There are apps that let you take videos and then use special effects to edit them. Imagine taking a video of your friend putting the last touches on a really nice dinner spread, then you add a special effect of a missile blowing up the table and send it to all the dinner guests. You can find apps the focus their humour on politics, kids doing funny things, or pets acting silly. As big as your imagination will take you, it can be found in apps.

Using Humor As A Tool

If you are wanting to keep your online business interesting with original content on a consistent basis but having trouble coming up with creative content everyday, you can use a variety of free social media content creator apps to help you find visual aids for your content. Using humor in social media is a great way to capture people’s attention and keep them interested in your brand, product, or business. How many times have you come across a really fun meme on FaceBook or Instagram and enjoy it so much you had to share it? That is what you want for your target audience, allows them to become emotionally invested in your content and share it with their friends. After all, everyone wants to share a laugh.

If you consider what humorous content by definition is, it’s a type of content that allows people to feel apart of what you’re telling them. Like they are apart of the joke because they laugh. This gives your brand a familiarity and authentic feel. Something people can identity with, and by that, they will remember your brand positively.  To find an audience that will want to see and hear your content, you might want to use a free website content generator. This will allow you to put in keywords that are relevant to your content and give you ideas for new unique content or help you find related articles to get inspiration from. You can also create backlinks to your website if you are blogging on another website to add more traffic to your site.

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