Top 4 Best Spy Gadgets

best spy gadgetsWelcome back to TechNied. Popularity of spy gadgets increasing day by day. Today we would like to share a list of best spy gadgets, you can use to spy.Here is the list of most popular spy gadgets. All the gadgets I included on this post can be bought easily from any online shopping store.

spy cam watch1.Spy Cam Watch:-It looks like general watch, but always come with a spy cam.Most of the spy cam watch come with 2-4 GB memory and it is enough to secretly recording anything you want.Later The data can be transferred to PC using USB port or via blutooth.
adapter with hidden audio transmitter2.Adapter with hidden audio transmitter:-Another handy spy gadgets.This normal looking adapter secretly recording audios in your absent also transmits audio signals which you can receive a distance apart.This apapter charge automatically itself, so you never have to worry about out of battery.
spy pen camera3.Spy Pen camera:-It is one of the most popular spy gadgets according to search engine analysis.Spy Pen Camera allows you to make video recordings and take pictures in privacy.Most of the spy pen camera can hold upto 15 hours of video footage.
pocket-mobile-jammer4.Mobile Jammer:- This gadget is used to prevent mobile phones from receiving signals from base stations.It can be used in office meetings, so that all employees give full attention towards the meeting.

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