5 steps For Massive Instagram Growth

Instagram plays an important role when we talk about marketing our businesses. Given the huge number of people who scroll through its feed every second, it is undoubtedly one of the best places for getting clients for your business.Massive Instagram Growth

However, this growth doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be consistent in your approach as there are already too many businesses like you, trying to make it big. So how to stand out in the crowd? You need to be assertive and follow a different approach. We are here to help you figure out how you can attain massive growth on Instagram easily.

  1. Be consistent with posting

Consistency is the key. No matter what you want to do in life, it doesn’t happen with just one step. You have to be consistent with your approach towards it. When it comes to posting on Instagram, you need to decide on the number of times you want to post.

Staying active on Instagram ensures that your customers don’t forget you and also helps in increasing engagement with them. No one likes a dormant social media page, so it is wise to decide on your posting average in a day. While deciding this, make sure that you don’t post too much. Just like posting too little is harmful, posting too much can also make people lose interest.

  1. Use relatable hashtags

Hashtags are a big deal on Instagram. Using it the right way will help you achieve great heights as a business page on Instagram. However, you can’t just use any hashtag for your post. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags but that doesn’t mean we use it all. We need to be selective in that too.

The hashtag you want to use should be related to the content you are posting. This will help people looking for things under that hashtag be able to discover you with ease. Also, try to make use of trendy hashtags. These hashtags make it easy for your content to become more discoverable to the audience.Use instagram hashtag generator tools to get the list of some of the best trending hashtags.

  1. Use Instagram features

Instagram has several tools available for businesses. Instead of running a private account or a simple public one, tag it as a business account so people know what they have stumbled upon. It also helps in getting a better reach as you would have otherwise. Add in your contact information too so that people would know that it’s a legit business.

Also, since everyone’s feed on Instagram is flooded with several similar posts every day, people might end up missing your content. You can use the story feature that will direct your followers to your post. You can also add the story to your highlights if you have shared something other than posts. This will help your future followers in getting access to the content posted by you.

The stories and highlights can also be used to link to external sites with ease.

  1. Collaborate with people

You must have come across several content creators on Instagram doing short gigs for different brands under the tag ‘paid partnership with’. This is a great way of both entertaining people as well as subtly letting them know about your business without pushing it on them.

While looking for people to collaborate with, choose someone who resonates with what your business wants to sell. For example, if you are selling clothes, go for someone who makes fashion and related videos. This way you will target the right audience who like your niche.

If you don’t want to collaborate for short video gigs, you can always send free stuff to people and ask them to give you a shoutout. Their followers will most certainly have a look at your page, which will help you in gaining traction.

  1. Engage with your audience

Engaging is important as it helps in retention. Your customers need to feel that you care about what they think and want rather you imposing your products/services on them. This will only be possible if you create enough engagement posts keeping them in mind.

These posts can be anything wherein you ask them certain questions, their preferences, or what they expect from you. You can also do a free giveaway for your customers once in a while. These are old business tactics that are still relevant and should be used to the businesses’ advantage.

Apart from this, you can reply to their comments or hold a live session every once in a while. If possible, you can also hold some free sessions for something related to your niche. For example, if you are selling clothes, you can talk about different types of fashion styles, etc.

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Growth on Instagram is a major indicator of how well a business is doing. While big businesses have no problem in gathering followers, it’s the small and new businesses that struggle a bit to gain a proper following. They can use the tips given above and grow organically on Instagram.

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