5 Apps You Should Have While You’re Food Shopping

Keeping your kitchen stacked with all the right ingredients is a must for avid cookers. Whether you want to make sure you have the right food items or want to find out more about the food you buy, you’ll find these apps to be a must-have for preparing tasty food in best grills for cooking for friends and family..food shoppingFooducate

Using your smartphone, you can scan food and drink products as you shop. This unique app will give you information, so you can determine if it’s a healthy choice or not based on its nutritional value, which is broken down for you. Now you can know exactly what’s in the food you purchase!

Milk Savvy

Shoppers will love this app, which allows you to link together coupons with your store’s rewards card. Just register your rewards card to your account and then look for coupons to link to it. The coupons are added to the card automatically, allowing for a much faster checkout.


Don’t have time to go to the grocery store? This app allows you to order groceries to be delivered to your front door. You can make a list of all the food items you want and even request how ripe you want your produce to be.


Ever had a hard time choosing between two brands? With this app, you can find consumer reviews to see which is the best. All you have to do is scan barcodes. It features thousands of food items, from snacks and frozen foods to baby care and beauty products.


Shop for wine with confidence using Vivino. This app allows you to use your smartphone cam to get info about the wine you find in the aisle. This includes customer reviews and the average price for it. You can also create a profile and save wines to try later on. And you can add your own reviews once you do.

Bonus: Groupon

So it’s not really an app. But when you want to take a break from cooking, you can set aside time to take your spouse or entire family out to eat. Great deals can be found on Groupon for thousands of different restaurants around the globe, like Carson’s Ribs or Rainforest Cafe. Check them out before you head out to save money on fantastic meals!

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