5 Apps That Make Life Easier Being A Parent

In today’s time, there is an app for everything. But why do parents need apps? Well, for one, these apps help a parent monitor their children, track their safety, and schedule various activities ahead of their day. Since every child has a different schedule, it could be taxing for parents to manage their time effectively.Best parenting apps

The following is a list of 5 apps that every parent should use to make their life easier.

5 Best Parenting/Newborn apps

Raising a newborn is a joyous phase for every parent’s life. However, if you’ve ever come across a newborn baby, you also know that it can be challenging to keep up with the routine. There are many apps out there that help parents with newborns. These apps help parents keep track of feeding and changing time. You can also monitor your newborn’s sleep routine using such apps. Baby Connect is one such app that helps parents manage their newborn’s routine.

Apps such as Cloud Baby Monitor is an essential app for parents. You can connect the app to a camera. So you will receive a live video of your baby’s activities. Hence, you don’t have to check your baby every minute or so. Apps such as the one mentioned above are affordable, and they offer convenience to parents.

Organizing, Planning, and Scheduling

Keeping track of your kids’ schedule is a difficult task. Apart from school, your child may be involved in after-school activities. It is hard to keep track of all these activities, especially if you are a working parent. Apps such as Cozi Family Organizer has all of your family’s schedule in one place. So you can manage your daily schedule, without any hassle. You can also make to-do lists for each member of the family and track the completion of individual tasks.

Apart from this, some apps allow parents to delegate tasks. It also tracks the duties that your child does. Some apps, such as ChoreMonster, give rewards when a child completes the chores assigned to them.

Parental Control and Monitoring

There are various parental control apps available. You can download these apps on a cellphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, as long as it fulfills the compatibility criteria. You can easily find the best parental control app of 2019 online. These apps offer a range of features which include location tracking of your child’s phone. In addition to this, you can also read text messages on your child’s phone. But parental control apps wouldn’t be called so if they didn’t offer control to parents. Some parental monitoring apps allow a parent to control the device remotely, allowing you to manage your child’s screen time as well. Hence, parents can block specific apps on their child’s phone without accessing the device. Likewise, they can also lock the phone, view application activity, and do so much more. So a parental control app can also be used as a monitoring app.


The health of a child as well as that of a parent is important. A parent does everything to keep their child healthy but often forgets their health is equally important. When your child is sick, an app such as WebMD can help you diagnose a health-related issue. You can search for the symptoms, and the app will identify the possible condition and treatment that you need.

Raising children is a tough task, that sometimes takes a toll on your health. You should never compromise on your physical and mental health. Apps like Talkspace lets a parent talk to a licensed therapist. Hence, you can schedule a time with a therapist from the comfort of your home. Health apps should not replace a doctor. Therefore, you must know when to seek professional health care.

Recipes and Cooking

Are you having trouble deciding what to cook? If you are a parent, you don’t want to leave your children hungry, while you’re running to the grocery store to get supplies. Luckily, there are apps where you can save recipes and plan your meals. So no last-minute shopping. You can get your grocery done beforehand, and prepare different meals for the family each day. Hence, you and your family do not get bored with the same meals every week.

You can access a variety of different recipes on apps such as Allrecipes Dinner Spinning and Yummly. In addition to enjoying a different meal every day, you can check the nutritional value of each meal. So you ensure that your family eats healthy meals every day. Fooducate is one such app that lets you plan healthy means and track your health.

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Parenting is not easy. However, with the numerous apps available, a parent’s day to day routine becomes more manageable. Then apps mentioned above range from monitoring your children to keeping track of their schedule.

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