Tak Zang APK Download Free For Android [Give unlimited Missed Calls Automatically]

Welcome back to Technied. Today we would like share an APK, which is not available in Google Play Store. This is a very useful app if you want to irritate your friend by giving thousands of missed calls. But don’t irritate him/her too much. Use it wisely and for fun only. Tak Zang is one of the best entertainment app available only for android users. You can easily download Tak Zang APK from the link given below. Read the article thoroughly to know more about the app and its features.Tak Zang APK

Tak Zang app is developed by Narenj Software Group and it falls under entertainment app. The app is also popularly known as “Missed Call App” among all android users. Now lets have a look at the key features of the app.

Key Features of Tak Zang APK

  • Simple, easy to use fun app.
  • Give unlimited missed calls to anyone automatically.
  • The app supports multiple languages.
  • Set number of missed calls manually.
  • Also have the option to set missed call duration.

Tak Zang APK DownloadThese were the top notch features of the Tak Zang app. I am sure after reading the best features of the app you would like to install it on your android smartphone. Don’t worry. You can download the APK version of the app in next step.

Tak Zang APK Download

Tak Zang APKJust click on the above download button and the downloading will start automatically. The whole download process will take up to 1 or 2 minutes. Once you get the APK file save it on your desktop.

How to Install Tak Zandg on Your Android Smartphone

Step 1

Download the full and proper APK from the above mentioned link. The link is 100 % safe and free from viruses.

Step 2

Now transfer the APK file from desktop to android device. Skip this step if you have downloaded the APK file using your android smartphone.

Step 3

Open your file manager and search for the APK file of Tak Zang.

Step 4

Once you find the file, tap on it and follow on-screen instructions to initiate the installation process. That’s all. within few moments the missed call bomber app would be installed on your android smartphone.

How To Use The App To Give Missed Calls

1. First open the app from the app drawer by clicking on the icon of Tak Zang.

2. Then select the language you prefer. Default is English.

3. Now click on the start button.

4. Enter your friend (victim) number and click next.

5. Now enter the number of missed call you want to give and click next.

6. In last and final step, you need to select time duration for missed call (my suggestion to enter 5 sec) and click start. That’s all. Now the app is ready to irritate your friend.

Disclaimer: Use this missed call app Tak Zang just for fun purpose. Don’t irritate too much. And this post is just for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY.

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