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Conference SolutionsSetting up a professional conference room in your office or call center requires knowing how many participants and the size of the room. Polycom conference phones are available in all sizes varying small, medium and large depending how many users will be participating in the conference. Small conference sizes range from single users to up to three or four participants. Medium conference sizes are anywhere from four to eight users and large conference sizes range from eight and above. Using a Polycom conference phone provides professional conferencing for your business or call center. New features allow adding optional expansion microphones to suit conference sizes over twenty five people. There are also Polycom conference phone systems that feature wireless technology eliminating the need for any annoying cables on the conference table.

One of the more popular Polycom conference phones is the Sound Station 2 expandable model that is ideal for between eight and ten participants. Optional expansion microphones attach to the side of the Polycom conference phone to increase your conference size to up to twenty five users. The Polycom Sound Station 2 conference phone is a complete system from medium to corporate size conferences. There is a built in LCD display for caller ID and a full dial pad for making out bound calls. Sound Station 2 conference telephones provide professional conferencing for any conference room. Available in a variety of models there is also a Polycom Sound Station 2W that features wireless connectivity. Working with any standard analog telephone line the Polycom 2W wireless conference phone provides a cleaner setup without any installation cables on the conference table. Conference rooms can often get loud so Polycom incorporated three noise canceling microphones that block out most unwanted background noise. If your company uses a digital IP phone line the Konexx Adapter is required to ensure compatibility.

If your company uses an Avaya Definity business phone system Polycom has you covered. There is also a Polycom SoundStation 2 conference telephone that is designed specifically for Avaya Definity phone systems. Specific the Avaya Definity 6400, 7400 and 8400 VoIP telephone systems this specific conference phone is designed for medium to larger size conferences. You can increase your conference size to almost triple in size with the Polycom expansion microphones. Polycom’s Sound Station 2 series conference phones are truly the best there are available today on the market. The best thing to do when seeking a conference phone for your room is picture how large is the average conference size going to be. Polycom also designed conference phones for personal size conferences. The Polycom VoiceStation 300 is basically an office phone with a high quality speaker phone for conferencing. The Voice Station 300 is ideal for personal size conferences and even private conferences by connecting a corded or wireless headset. Full dial pad is included to make out bound calls and the Polycom Voice Station 300 also has built in noise reduction technology. Polycom delivers the best there is on the market so when seeking a conference phone think of one word, Polycom.

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