9 Wonderful and Weird iPhone Accessories

Whether you need a dependable case to protect your device from the threats of everyday, or you are looking for a fancy accessory to complement your smartphone, here are some wonderful and wacky iPhone accessories that you may need. If you have the newest iPhone model (check out this blog on the history of the iPhone on Cell Phone Deal), you will want to look after it as best you can!

9 Wonderful and Weird iPhone Accessories

9 Wonderful and Weird iPhone AccessoriesPrepare Your Phone for Life

The iPhone 12 cases by LifeProof will protect your phone from the threats of daily living. From water and dirt to snow and shock, LifeProof cases can enable worry free use of your iPhone. If you are looking for the latest Cell Phone Deal and its accesories, this is the best time for you as most of the online sites running festive offers for their customers. These formidable cases will also guard against scratching and cracking.

Make It a Big Screen

If you are on the go with your Apple phone, then Brookstone’s Pocket Projector displays an enlarged screen on nearly any surface with simple dock-and-go technology. The LED Pocket Projector creates bright video quality and projects up to a 50” image. This little projector is great for presenting at work or showing a movie on vacation.

Turn It Up

While projecting a movie from your iPhone, you may want quality sound to go with it. The iHome portable speaker is an inexpensive and tiny way to produce a big sound. Simply charge it through a USB and then plug it into your phone. The great part is that it can charge and amplify simultaneously.

An Invisible Photographer

Joby by GorillaMobile is a specialized tripod and stand which easily grips onto surfaces to stabilize your iPhone anywhere. The tripod can be wrapped around a pole or stand up straight with its flexible legs.

iPhone Copilot

For safe driving while navigating use the GoSmart Clip which simply holds an iPhone onto the steering wheel to help you follow your favorite map app while remaining hands free. The clip is a versatile extra hand that also fastens to shopping carts, bicycles or simply props up on its own.

Keep Those Fingers Warm

Frustrated by the inability to control your touch screen while wearing mittens? Winter woes are solved by a combination of acrylic fibers, elastane, and polyester. London based ASOS retails specially woven Touch Screen Gloves with special pads at the tips which enable iPhone users to keep their fingers warm while not surrendering the ability to work a touch screen.

Don’t Forget the Ears

If your head is also cold while listening to music or answering calls on your smartphone, invest in a specially made headphone hat such as the beanie made by Hi-head. Diffusing sound inside the hat through speakers placed at ear height, this cozy hat will keep you toasty while jogging to tunes in the winter months.

Phones Ready for Parties

Several makes of bottle opening cases are available for the iPhone. Relatively inexpensive, these specialized cases have a bottle opener in back to make your iPhone the life of the party.

iPhone Friendly Clothing

Last but not least in this list of some wonderful and some rather weird iPhone inventions is iPhone and iPad compatible clothing from Scottevest Clothing. With specially concealed pockets, these stylish vests, coats and jackets store all the gadgets that just must go with you, including your iPhone. In fact, Scottevest garmets are so roomy, you can fit not only your iPhone but all of the other accessories on this list right into your outfit.

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