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about wordpressWordPress initially started out as a medium for writing blogs. However, nowadays it is basically a content management system or CMS. It is the platform for the publishing of the content on the World Wide Web. Whether one wants to share their writing on the social medium or compete for higher ranks on the search engine, WordPress can come in handy. It is a versatile platform, which can be used by the marketers and bloggers based on their requirements. When it first started out in 2003 there were precious few takers. However, the scenario has changed over the years. Today, WordPress has grown into the most popular blogging tool around.

Millions of site owners and developers use it in order to promote their blogs and web content. It is an open source platform with signifies that at any time hundreds of web users are making the use of WordPress for one reason or another. Anybody can use it since there is no fee to pay or copyright issues involved.  It is a customizable tool containing thousands of themes, plug-ins and widgets. Download and install it and use the imagination for making the most of this unique and user friendly platform.

Here below are the various forms in which WordPress can be utilized for maximum benefits

Using WordPress as an interface

As an interface, WordPress eases up interaction between various databases and the user. Manipulate or create any kind of data using the GUI or the Graphic User interface. Those who do not know how to write codes need not despair any more. With WordPress, it is possible to publish information on the web without having a programming base. Constant revisions and the feedback from the users have helped to develop the present form of this platform and transformed it into a versatile medium need.

WordPress as the CMS

When it comes to management of constantly changing information, nothing comes near the efficiency of WordPress. It develops the rules for updation and transformation of the available content in order to make it current and relevant to the reading public. Proper organization of the content and implementing the changes in places where it is needed without distorting the overall appearance is the function of this is fast, reliable and completely safe to use. This is why publishers and web developers use this medium with such frequency. Design, programming and the database are three separate entities and WordPress helps them to remain so through its web content management.

The WordPress publishing platform

WordPress is the power which makes the database driven websites work successfully. The programming related to the presentation of the data on the web is created by the WordPress developers. It is the skeleton upon which the whole website content is based. The presentation of the product on the web platform, development of directories, and portfolio creation everything is controlled by a common database. However its final assembly and presentation and varied formats depend upon the various website owners. WordPress presents the common core platform for the publishers to work on for maximum benefits.


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