6 Little-Known Benefits of Podcast Networks

A podcast network is an assemblage of podcasts that are availed to listeners through a single network. Podcasts have increased rapidly in quantity with podcast ad revenue expected to hit $1.6 billion by 2022.  The benefits and purpose of podcast networks are more than providing a package deal to sponsors. It is a way to give the listeners a podcast playlist where the same theme or Production Company connects them. Essentially, a podcast network promotes advertisers, brand identity, and shows. So, what are the benefits of joining a podcast?Benefits of Podcast Networks

  1. Increased Exposure and Marketing

Marketing and increased exposure are both part of the package offered by many podcast networks. These networks help you to market your show or shows. This marketing typically involves advertisements to other podcasts, such as the Smartless Podcast (or other similar podcasts with pre-existing wide listener bases), or promotion outside the network using conventional public relations techniques. Marketing and exposure via podcast networks can be beneficial for podcast hosts who do not have enough time to promote their shows or are not good at marketing.

Podcasts also help you reach more potential audiences by increasing familiarity with the myriad of listeners. As listeners subscribe to your show, they will listen more regularly. Here is the best part. Your listeners may recommend podcasts to other people. This can increase traffic generation significantly. If you find you need more loyal listeners to further boost your brand, you can invest in the services of someone like Polkadot communications : marketing and pr agency, that will work with you to achieve your goal.

  1. Higher Listenership

Increased listenership is the ultimate result of increased marketing exposure. The more exposure you get, the faster your listenership grows. Here is the point. With support from a network, your message will get to more people. Increased listenership is good for business, and also helps you to get sponsorship.

  1. Connections and Networking

Joining a network involves meeting other people whose journey and destination are similar to yours. It also helps access other hosts and podcasts in the same network with you. Besides, you can even access the people who are responsible for creating and running the network itself.  Podcasts make the listeners feel like they know the speaker. In essence, most people listen to podcasts because they share a common idea with the speaker and their brand. This relationship builds trust and, consequently, better conversions. Most people prefer making purchases from a friend or a person they trust.

  1. Extra Revenue

As mentioned above, the primary purpose of podcasts is bringing together download numbers and secure massive sponsorship contracts. Some podcasts may not be able to get sponsorship deals on their own. Becoming part of a podcast network helps to get revenue easily from the sponsors.

  1. Assistance in Production

Another great advantage of joining a podcast network is that you will receive production help. Generally, the leaders of a podcast network have vast experience. If you are part of the podcast network, you may benefit from training and coaching. Mainly, podcast networks aim to help all podcasts to perform well.

  1. Enhance Public Speaking Skills

Joining such a network motivates you to produce podcasts frequently. Hosting podcasts regularly enhances public speaking skills by building confidence. Speaking in public requires a great deal of confidence. Podcasts give you that seamless and natural flow when speaking.

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