How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skill

You can change the world through writing and many people have done it! Writing is not just a stream of words but also a “channel of new ideas” to readers so they can be inspired to do something. In this context we are talking about the essay as one of the “serious papers” that discusses the important phenomena in society. Essays are often used to enlighten the public and also invite the public to do something according to the author’s wish. This is a high-level work that only people with high academic ability can do.Improve essay writing skill

If you are a student then the essay is something you will often meet. Essay is a tool used by your college to measure students’ intelligence and is therefore well suited to serve as a graduation parameter. Even before the initial education as a student, some campuses in the United States require essay written by prospective students. This shows that the essay is one of the pillars in the learning process.

Are You Satisfied With Your Writing Skill?

This is an important question that is often overlooked by most people and this is the starting point of your journey as a writer or just an ordinary student. Along with the increasing demands and competition in the world of education, essay writing skill also needs to be improved so as to achieve the latest standards. There are at least several ways that can be used to improve essay writing skill.

More Active In Writing

As much as possible avoid passive sentences in your essay. The essay is a provocative essay so it should not be filled by so many passive sentences. You should try to find active sentences that would otherwise replace the passive sentences you normally use. But you have to realize that passive use of sentences is not necessarily bad. You will definitely encounter situations where you can’t use sentences other than passive sentences.

Break The Limitations

Many limitations are not recognized by some authors. They unconsciously restrict themselves to channeling any ideas that come out of their mind. If you are one of them then you must break the imaginary boundaries. You can start bravely explaining any ideas that come out of your own mind. Using some informal words can be a good start rather than just focusing on the use of “too formal” words.

Seeing Another Essay

Of course “trials and errors” is the stage you have to go through. You can start by ordering a short essay from a professional essay service provider and see how they write. You can also consult with them about your ideas and thus you can see how they translate each idea into a series of sentences. Based on our research, we recommend

Avoid Things That Are Not Important

A lot of things are not important in the process of writing and one of them is the excessive use of description sentences. The excessive use only makes your essay boring (and “very objective” too). This, of course, denies the basic nature of essay writing.

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