The Important Parts of a Great Academic Paper

In the writing of scientific papers there are several skeletons and parts that must be obeyed. Frameworks and sections of this scientific work in addition to functioning as a basic reference of writing can also make it easier for writers to explain the flow of writing. Therefore, before the scientific work is written, its framework and the parts must be passed by the author. This applies to any scientific theme.Important parts of a great academic paper

The title of the scientific paper is written by considering the following: – Formulated briefly – Reflects the problem areas, research variables, and population targets – Contains key words to be referred to in the study – Separate between main title and complementary title


In the preface of the author’s gratitude addressed to persons, institutions, organizations, and / or other parties who have assisted in preparing, executing and completing such scientific works should be included. The introductory text is typed in capital letters, symmetrical at the upper border of the typing field and without a period. The text on the introduction is typed with double spaces (2 Spaces).


In the abstract the keywords are placed under the name of the supervising lecturer. The number of keywords ranges from 3-5 pieces. Keywords are required for computerizing scientific information. The abstract texts are presented solidly covering the background, the problems studied, the methods used, the results obtained, the conclusions drawn, and suggestions submitted.

In a scientific work that has a high level of formality, such as thesis, systematic of writing is more standard, and some other things are often requested from students, such as Conclusions and Recommendations (Suggestions) at the end, or Preface at the beginning. Many journals and magazines request abstracts, which summarize the information contained in document reports, papers, or thesis, complete. A well-written abstract allows readers to quickly and accurately identify the contents of a complete document, to determine whether the contents of the document fit their areas of interest, so that the document needs further reading.


Introduction is the first chapter that leads the reader to know about the topic of research, reason, and the importance of a scientific work. The introduction in the research reports is more comprehensive than the introduction in scientific papers and articles for journals. Introduction to articles and papers is presented in a more concise manner and the elements should not be explicitly stated. The introductory chapter usually contains a background that briefly covers the reasons why the research is done, the purpose, and the hypothesis if it exists.

The Formulation

The formulation should be arranged in the form of a question sentence, or at least contains words that state the question. This is the difficult part to run that should be discussed with others.

Usefulness Research

What is described here is the usefulness or importance of research conducted, both for the development of science and for practical purposes. This description also serves to show that the selected problem is worthy of research.


A sharp analysis of facts, explanations, existence of information, and knowledge that contains specific factors is needed. The usual analysis is included in the discussion accompanied by an explanation according to agreed science rules.

Literature review

In every single research theoretical and methodological framework are needed. The theoretical framework is the theory used to build the research framework, while the methodological framework is related to the design of research, including the rarity of data collection and processing for various reasons.


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