Importance of Chemistry in Our Daily Life

Most of us are aware of the fact that almost everything around us is made with chemicals. Many of the happenings around the world that we come across happen due to the reactions formed by chemicals. The subject Chemistry is very important to us because it would help in knowing the contents inside, compound structure and transformation of matter. But the conventional method of learning Chemistry would turn the subject learning uninspiring for some students. However learning formats offered by educators like Byju’s the Learning App have been heard to teach the subject using animated video classes that would inspire even a layperson who knows nothing about the subject.

Every matter that we encounter has some element of chemistry involved around it. For instance, most of the items we use in our daily lives are chemicals of different types, some of them include food items and some are used for household activities like cleaning. The below mentioned examples would validate this statement:importance of chemistry

  1. Composition in Human Body

As we all know, our own human bodies are full of chemical compounds like hormones, blood, marrow and so on which are nothing more than chemical compounds often coming under the purview of Biology. Also know that our own body is mostly made of water which is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.

  1. Health Care and Cosmetic Products

In our daily lives, we would have had visited the doctor and laboratories at least once where we would have been prescribed with pills, liposomal vitamins, vaccines, antibiotics etc which are a part of our healthcare system. All these items viz. from organic honey to health monitoring have Chemistry written all over them. Ranging from birth control to improving life expectancy, without this domain cannot exist. If we want to sterilize surgical instruments using antiseptic solutions to doing Chemotherapy and sequencing Genomes all of these would form the application side of the subject. To take the case of cosmetic products, most of the cosmetics we use are produced by chemical combinations. Similarly, health supplements such as membrane mend that contain phosphatidylcholine, vitamin E, and antioxidants are also developed with principles of chemistry in mind so that these components can work together to promote the health of membranes throughout the body.importance of chemistry

  1. Cooking

Chemistry teaches us how a simple daily activity like cooking has a great amount of, well, chemistry involved in it. From the changes that occur in foods when we cook them, to how the item is broken down in our system, to how things like the Morning Complete ingredients mix together in order to create the final product, chemistry in food is everywhere.

  1. Cleaning

 One of the important areas of this subject is its role in cleaning or cleansing processes that we do on a daily basis ranging from homes to factories. With the help of this domain, we decide on what cleaning solution should we use for cleaning our dishes, laundry, our surroundings and homes. This subject comes to our aid when want to decide on bleaches and disinfectants and also on soaps and liquids. The  main focus would be on how these items works.

  1. Field of Medicine

It is very important to understand chemistry if we want to know about the kind of medicine and allied products we use on a daily basis like vitamins , health supplements and drugs on whether they would promote our health or would hamper our growth etc.. The field of medicine is a continuously evolving field where tests are conducted on new ways of medical treatments and discoveries of new medicines. For example, thanks to advancements in technology in medicine today, CBD (which can be found on sites like Gold Bee) is now a highly recommended product due to the many health benefits it’s been discovered to have. Knowing the chemistry that goes into our daily vitamins, supplements, CBD capsules, etc., is important so we know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies and what benefits we’ll be getting from them.

  1. Environmental affairs

If we look at the environmental affairs of modern times, we are slowly realizing the impact of terms like environment pollution, global warming and Ozone depletion all owing to the impact of harmful chemicals on the environment around us. People are growing concerned about the types of chemicals that are friendly to nature and the ones that are hostile to it. The Central Governments of countries around the world are trying to ban chemicals that are harmful to the nature like Chlorofluorocarbons, Lead and even pesticides we use.

After having gone through the points mentioned above, you would have gained some idea about how Chemistry plays an important role in our daily lives with or without us realizing them. Such is the impact it has that we cannot merely ignore them. Hence we should make this subject an enjoyable task instead of treating it as a formal subject.

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