How To Unlock All Project IGI 2 Missions Within a Minute

In this article we are going to share tips and tricks on how to unlock all project IGI 2 missions easily within a minute. If for any reason, you can’t successfully complete a mission and want to skip to the next mission, this article is for you. Remember, to complete a mission easily you must use the right weapons at the right time. So, be wise when you choose the weapons, as you can carry maximum 3 weapons at a time.Unlock All Project IGI 2 Missions

How Many Missions Are in Project IGI 2 ?

IGI 2 : Covert Strike is one of the most popular stealth-based FPS shooter and action game. This awesome game is developed by Innerloop Studios and released by Codemasters in 2003. There are total 19 missions in the game. As compared to Project IGI 1 missions, the missions of IGI 2 is more difficult and big. So, if you want to play all the missions easily, you have to unlock all the missions by using one of the tricks mentioned below.

How To Unlock / Open All Missions of Project GI 2 PC Game

There are two ways to unlock all Project IGI 2 missions without playing it one by one. It’s on you which method you want to use, as both the methods are simple and easy to use.

First Method To Unlock All Project IGI 2 Missions

  • Open Project IGI 2 covert Strike PC game
  • Now go to the Main Menu
  • Press the CTRL(left)+SHIFT(left)+F9 keyboard button at the same time to unlock/open all missions.

Second Method To Unlock / Open All Project IGI 2 Missions

  • Start IGI 2 in “Easy” or “Normal” difficulty mode.
  • Complete the first mission of the game successfully.
  • Now go to your game directory and look for the “humanplayer.qvm” file.
  • Rename the “humanplayer.qvm” file to “humanplayer_orig.qvm”.
  • Now click on the above download button to download “”
  • Extract the file and copy the “humanplayer.qvm” file to the game directory.

That’s all. Congrats! You have successfully unlocked all the missions. Again to lock all the missions, first delete the “humanplayer.qvm” file and then rename the humanplayer_orig.qvm”file to “humanplayer.qvm”.

Final Note

These were the some of the best tips and tricks to unlock all the missions of  world’s one of the most popular yet toughest FPS shooter game Project IGI 2. If you need any other tips regarding Project IGI 2, kindly let us know through our comment section.

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