Hero Splendor vs. Bajaj Discover – Two Most Popular Entry-level Bikes

Hero Splendor vs. Bajaj DiscoverOverview

Hero and Bajaj are two household names when it comes to two-wheelers. Both these makers excel in providing high quality bikes that perform excellently. Hero and Bajaj have a very strong presence in the Indian bike market. Even though Hero Motocorp is the leading bike maker of the world, it does not find it easy to survive in the highly competitive market of Indian two-wheelers. Continuous innovation and improvement are the ways with which these makers stay relevant to the changing needs of the buyers. Newer and better technologies are also offered to the people, which make them interested in these bikes.


Hero Splendor and Bajaj Discover are two of the most popular models of bike from these makers. It is not an easy task to rank them against one another. However, a comparison based on certain common parameters is attempted here.

Price – The Splendor series of bikes are available in the market for a price ranging from INR 43550/- to 51,250/-. Bajaj Discover series, on the other hand, Bajaj Discover Price in India is starts from INR 44958/- to 60272/-. Although the Discover series are costlier than their Hero counterparts are, the former come in more variants than the latter. Hence, it can be said that even though at first glance these bikes are costlier, they also offer plenty of choices as well.

Engine Capacity – The Hero Splendor runs on a 97.2 cc, Air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder, 7.5 PS and 7.95 Nm OH engine. Alternatively, the Discover series of bikes are available from 94 cc to 144 cc, with power ranging between 7.7 bhp and 14.5 bhp. Evidently, the Discover series of bikes offer more choices in the case of engine capabilities.

Mileage and Speed – The Discover offers a mileage of 65 to 70 kmpl, whereas the mileage offered by Hero Splendor is slightly lower at 60 to 65 kmpl. Discover has a slightly better top speed of 100 kmph as compared to the 99 kmph offered by Splendor. Time taken for Discover to reach the speed of 60 kmph from zero is 6.5 seconds, while the Splendor takes 7 seconds for the same. Both bikes have an almost identical kind of fuel tank capacity of 10 liters and 11 liters respectively.

Other features – Both the bikes offer kick and electric start features. The gearshift pattern of the Discover is all front type and that of the Hero Splendor is all up pattern.

Final Words

The Bajaj bike is longer and taller than the Hero bike. However, the latter is slightly wider than the former. Ground clearance is better on Discover. Although both the bikes appear to be good choices, the Discover bike has the slightest of edge over the Hero bike.

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