Going Green with Digital Signage: Why is it a Noble Idea?

Are you looking for ways to make your business operations more environmentally friendly? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know that going green doesn’t have to cost much. You can start by using digital signage software to enhance both internal and external communications. But of all the green strategies you could implement, why digital signage for restaurant? Going green using this technology is not only good for Mother Nature but also for your business, and here is how.Go green with digital signage

Go Paperless

As of now, there is already too much waste making its way into the environment. A survey shows that the average office employee uses nearly 10,000 sheets of paper annually. 45% of these sheets end up in the trash by the end of the workday.

To understand just how big a deal this is, 10,000 sheets are equal to half a ton of paper, which requires eight trees to produce. This means, if you have about five employees, they’ll have used 50,000 sheets by the end of the year, which is equivalent to 40 trees cut down. Other than deforestation, add in greenhouse emissions caused by the transportation and production of this paper, and you have a significant carbon footprint.

How does this concern digital signage software? Once implemented, digital signage solutions, such as those from loop.tv, can help you go paperless in many ways. For instance, you could replace a traditional announcement or vision board that requires paper printed memos with a data dashboard. Instead of traditional flyers and posters, the use of modern digital signage for marketing is currently trending.

Digital Signage is Efficient

Paper-based marketing methods, such as posters and flyers, are static. Once their message is designed and printed, there’s no going back as they can only show one ad at a time.

This means if you own a business with 50 locations, and you print and put out 50 posters announcing an upcoming sale only to realize the date was wrong, you’ll have to remove all of them and repeat the process. This hurts not only your wallet but also the planet, as the wasted posters will end up in the trash!

Even the updated posters share the same fate, as they’ll eventually have to be taken down. But with digital signage software, you only need a single click and you can update your information instantly. Your message will be visually appealing, relevant, accurate, and at the same time, paperless!

Gain Competitive Advantage

The world today is concerned about the planet more than ever. Research shows that about 60% of consumers will often choose businesses that prioritize environmental sustainability over those that do not. This means going green is no longer an option but a need if you’re to attract and retain quality clients.

Besides being wasteful, posters, and other paper methods of advertising are less effective. Why? Well, everyone is living in the digital age, and with eye-catching shows and videos on huge digital signage screens, prospects are less likely to notice that poster.

What About Energy Consumption?

Most naysayers will discourage you from using signage technology, arguing that it merely replaces paper waste with energy waste. While its true digital signage uses electricity, it is energy efficient in several ways. The LED screens used often use less power and have a longer lifespan.

Most of these screens today feature smart brightness control, hence, they automatically adjust their brightness based on lighting conditions around them. Therefore, on sunny days, they’re less bright, thus use less energy.

Other than that, advanced digital signage software features content scheduling. This means you can automatically turn your screens on or off based on the schedule.

Go Green Today!

Going green using digital signage software from reputable companies like Appspace is for the greater good. You slash costs associated with printing, increase your appeal to prospects and, at the same time, reduce your carbon footprint. This is a clear indication that anything good for the planet is indeed good for you.

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