Best Technology Blogs to Get Technology News

best technology blogsIf you are the kind who loves to keep in constant touch with what is happening in the world of technology, the following are the best places to catch up with the latest. Yes, all these are the best technology blogs that offer the best scope and depth about everything in technology. Hardware, software, product launches, reviews, events, irrespective of what you’re looking for, you are sure to find them, and loads more as well.

List of Best Technology Blogs


The timely news stories coupled with the analyses of start-ups, websites, products etc have made TechCrunch the authority in the tech world, which is why AOL purchased in the year 2010.


Another high-rated tech blog which keeps you up-to-date with the technology industry and furnishes quality material on consumer electronics.


Gizmodo’s rival in the field, this blog made a big impact pretty soon with its in-depth coverage of the events occurring in the world of technology, along with its first-class reviews on consumer goods.


This blog covers all kinds of events, furnishes opinions on start-ups, and provides loads of tech-related info.

The Next WEB

Highly respected among tech blogs, it provides the latest news and covers events pertaining to tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google etc.

Redmond Pie

A solid presence among the top ten blogs, Redmond Pie follows tech giants, furnishing news on what’s new and happening in the industry.


Retaining its popularity despite the frequent change of ownership, geek provides news pertaining to technology, hardware, mobile computing etc.


A well-known name in the tech world, it is subject to the admiration of numerous tech enthusiasts on account of its simplistic style of writing, which enables the reader to get the hang of the most complicated stuff in an understandable way.

Ars Technica

A veteran among tech blogs, it publishes news reviews etc about hardware, software, games, technology and related events.

The Verge

This newcomer is certainly a force to reckon with in the world of tech blogs, thanks to the team of highly skilled members who operate it. The Verge concentrates on news stories, features and product reviews.

Followed by millions of users across the globe, these blogs have maintained high rankings on several lists, including Alexa, Technorati Top Ten Tech Blogs, Technorati Top Hundred Tech Blogs, Top 100 Blogs, and Top 100 Tech Blogs among others. You can rest assured you will not be missing out on anything significant once you’ve hooked on to some of them.

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