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check your pnr statusMost of us happen to consider train travel as one of the most economical and so also comfortable mode of transportation and thus tend to opt for the same quite often. Of late, you must have heard a lot about PNR status check in relation to train travel. Let us first understand what PNR status exactly refers to. For all you people who are unaware let me tell you that PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, that is put into use by people in order to check whether or not their seats are confirmed. The above mentioned activity is generally referred to as the PNR status check. PNR happens to be a ten digit number, which can be located by you on the left hand side top of your railway ticket. On an overall level, the PNR status check system is considered to be one of the critical technological advancements as far as Indian Railways are concerned.

In order to check your PNR status you can simply visit the below mentioned link:

Apart from visiting the above mentioned link, you can also get your PNR status checked by sending across a text message to either 139 or 5676747. In this particular text message, you will be required to type PNR followed by your ten digit PNR number. The PNR status check system has brought a lot of convenience in the lives of individuals who happen to be regular train users. Needless to say, this particular system is restricted only to the outstation trains.

In the earlier days, in order to acquaint yourself with the status of your booking you were required to visit the booking counters, which were situated at some of the major railway stations only. The worst part was that your task did not end there. You were then required to stand in the long queues and wait for your number of come. Moreover, if you were unable to get confirmed tickets in your booking status, then in that case you were required to repeat the above activity over and over again. This particular universal dilemma that was faced by a majority of the individuals, finally came to an end with the introduction of the PNR status check system. Hence, in recent times the PNR status check system has been welcomed with open arms by a majority of the people at large.

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