5 Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue

increase adsense revenueGoogle Adsense works as back-bone economy for most of the bloggers. One can earn money by enabling Adsense Ads on blog but it’s really tough task to fetch money. Novice web master fails to keep pace with and eventually makes very less incomes from this source. But on observation with Professional Bloggers, it comes to conclusion that they are earning a heavy amount from Google Adsense for they are applying perfect strategy and tactics.

To Increase Adsense Revenue, you need clear idea of certain factors and have to realize that you can’t boost your income over night, for you need is guidance, dedication and working method. If you too need to make handsome amount of money then read out below listed 5 Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue.

1. Quality And Keyword Rich Article

One of the most basic factor that Adsense works on is Quality because the main aim of Google is to help out readers and if you are showing their ads on low-quality article which doesn’t seek vital information then visitors will not click the advertisements as they are not interested in your content only, they will not stay further on your blog?

Keyword also plays a role for increasing cost per click value, if you article contains high-CPC keywords then the revenue generated from the ads will of course be high. But it’s a notable fact; don’t blend unnecessary and un-relevant words.

2. Placement

Consider that blog is hitting viral traffic, but not earning much from Adsense, one of the reasons can be wrong place Ads. You need to place their advertisement such that readers will easily be attracted to click it, resulting in good revenue. But always remember that ads must fit in such a way that will harm the visitors’ readability.

The perfect place to fit Adsense Ads is above post, below post, sidebar, etc. Or you can always, create a separate eye-catchy place where you can put the ad, not harming the engagement and at the same time increasing click rate.

3.  Traffic

Most common mistake done by novice blogger is increasing traffic. It’s not harmful to increase so, but one must understand the fact, organic traffic is best source to income. If you are trying to boost your search engine traffic then it’s prohibitory in increasing Adsense revenue. While one can’t fetch hopeful amount from in-organic traffic i.e. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Google Adsense gives more importance to western countries, if you are getting ad-clicks from US, UK or so countries, then you will get very high click through rate. So always try to target organic visitors.

4. Ad Type & Size

Ad Type effect Adsense revenue but in minor quantity, it’s always advisable to use both Text as well as Image Ads. Now-a-days Google is paying much attention to contextual ads also. You can use text ads above the article and image ads beside logo as well as sidebar.

Ad size is also the factor we can’t neglect, most of the new bloggers believe larger the size, higher the revenue, this criteria is totally wrong.  Always use ad size which gives fine blend to your theme structure.

5. Backgrounds & Borders

Both are the factors, which follow different strategies from many bloggers. But according to me, one must enable background which will perfectly match with theme color. It’s not advisable to use borders, as its looks bit unprofessional from readers’ point of view.

Apart, you can also use your own methods, can apply time-to-time experiments as long it’s not harming Google Terms and Conditions, but you can always use above mentioned 5 tips to increase Adsense revenue.

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