4 Amazing iPad Gaming Apps That One Simply Shouldn’t Miss Out On

amazing iPad gaming apps

iPad has become a wonderful gaming platform and an icon for millions of people; challenge yourself and your family with the engaging puzzle games that improve the thinking skills, boost brain functioning, as well as academic performance, alongside entertaining you.A whole new range of apps has been developed over past few years; few apps that work on iPhone work with Apple iPad too, but opting for the specific app give you a noticeable difference in terms of quality. With the availability of thousands of gaming apps, choosing the best games, which are constructive and really engaging, may take a whole lot of time.

4 Amazing iPad Gaming Apps

Angry Birds

The most noteworthy one amongst all of ‘em has been Angry Birds; ithas been enjoyed by millions of iPad users worldwide. It’s a really addictive game, and once you start playing it, you’re most likely to be glued on to your iPad for several hours. Mac and PC users can also enjoy Angry Birds online totally free of cost.

It should be noted that new iPad apps are sometimes costlier than iPhone apps, but still many of them are available for free and others are available for fewer than ten dollars. More app developing companies are creating iOS games, which are not only really cool or fun to play, but also free to download.


Play It Yourself 4 HDis one of the great games for music lovers; it’ll not teach you how to play the piano, but rather it’s allow you to experience what it feels like, to be a great musician. Your score will be displayed on your screen.

Its music is usually very pleasant, no matter how slow or quick you’re. You can play one tune in the beginning and you can as well unlock other melodies by scoring and spending your scores on the new unlocks. It is so powerful that it can even compel a non-music lover to consider playing the piano one fine day, who has zero knowledge of music.Even your children would surely start enjoying this game.

Flow Free

Whether you’re on-the-move or at home just trying to provoke your brain, you can always have some fun with Flow free strategy games. This logic puzzle game looks simple, but is highly challenging, and it will surely put your brain to some solid work!

You just have to join matching color pipes, creating a flow, but the pipes have to be coupled in such a way that they must not cross each other, but should cover the entire board. It is available in 2 modes and tons of free levels and is a must-have family-friendly game.

123 Color HD

Many parents know pretty well how to keep their children busy; though they don’t provide them an iPhone of their own, they do not mind giving them a phone for some time. If you’re an Apple fan, it’s quite natural that you want to share your excitement with your kids and there are host of kid’s gaming apps are available and 123 color HD is one among the best.

It is a talking coloring book, which is available in German, French, Spanish, and of course English. The No1 educational iPad gaming app for kids is fun to pay with; if they obligate something, it does not scold them, but in turn gives them smart suggestions, and allows them to learn a lot.

It also rewards children with special sound effects and churning starts for coloring the pictures properly. It is the powerful game for introducing your kid to English (or Spanish) as a foreign language and is available for $0.99 USD.

Texas Hold’em

IPad has completely revolutionized the gaming world; there are many popular iPad games and undoubtedly, casino games are equally popular, so this list is definitely incomplete without one of them.

Texas Hold’emhas everything that you would expect in a gambling game, especially when it is created by Apple itself. It will let you sharpen your gambling skills and still have loads of fun.

With its beautiful graphic, you can easily set up a match against your friend through a Wi-Fi connection, and enjoy it as though you were playing a face-to-face game. In-game strategies, tips, and suggestions make it a top-notch app.

It can be purchased on Apple store for $4.99.

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