Top 5 Linear Actuator Manufacturers

A true engineer, robots creator, and just experienced masters cannot do without linear actuators anymore. No wonder, as devices like this are produced in order to ease our life and make the unbelievable possible. For instance, several decades ago, people didn’t even think whether they can somehow make the objects move on their own. Even knowing the current is involved, one could not even imagine it controlled remotely. Nowadays, humans can do make a lot of inventions on their own. They just buy all the details, as well as an actuator, create some devices, and improve the quality of their life. However, choosing instruments can pose a serious challenge if you do not know beans about their main features, and, of course, if you don’t know the best manufacturer that produces the high-quality product for every customer. That is why today we will give you a hand in choosing the best linear actuator manufacturers. Just read the selection below and make a right pick. Let’s get it started!Linear Actuator Manufacturers

1. Progressive Automations

This is probably one of the most modern and innovative actuators manufacturers on the market. At the very moment the quality of their services tops our list. If you wonder why, well, go to their website at first. Their page is super informative and the products and info search is lighting fast. What is more, the company at once gives away the most sensitive issue – the price. This is probably the only website here that will also give you an opportunity to buy the goods you wish at one click without searching for the buyer. The “FaQ” and “Blog” buttons will give you tens of linear actuators’ reviews that will speak for themselves.

2. Del-TronInc.

Undoubtedly, it is the most experienced company with 40 years of successful sales. They focus on automated equipment and linear motion engineering in particular. What is pretty pleasant about this company is that they have a wide selection of goods that come in handy in the best way. For instance, Del-Tron can both offer the whole linear systems as well as separate custom linear ball slides, product prototyping, etc.

3. BishopWisecarver

This one is going to meet both simple and complex linear motion needs. The company uses only the best materials for its devices and guarantees their quality. You know that more than 90% of durability and effectiveness depends on that. That is why, always pay attention to force, size, speed, and (!) materials before buying anything in your life.


These guys provide the market with all the kinds of actuators: pneumatic, hydraulic, cylidric and so many others. Interestingly, you can watch the video review about the good you might think you’ll need. This way you will not spend your money in vain and will not waste time on boring PDF mannuals that are, by the way, always attached to the product’s file. Furthermore, the maximum thrust of actuators here reaches an quite impressive 66,724 point.

5.Tusk direct, Inc.

Yeah, that’s right. It is that company with an elephant. They as well all the above manufacturers supply with the highest quality linear actuators and their components. They offer the personalized service, so you can easily order anything here and get it customized specially for you and delivered in 24h. Yes, Carl. Such stunning services are provided for a quite reasonable price.

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