Technologies for Disabled People

Whether you’re born with a disability or it comes to you later in life, the world is not the same for you, and you find yourself navigating challenges that those without disabilities could never imagine ever having to face. If you have recently been made disabled as the result of an accident, you might be trying to pursue an insurance claim with the help of someone like Curo and adapt and adjust to your new way of life. This can be difficult, but there are solutions out there ready to take some of the strain away and make things that little bit easier.

Gadgets are with us all the time: they make workflow simpler and help you stay in touch, share photos in real-time, and find a cozy place to meet with friends. Among the variety of modern devices, those that are designed for people with disabilities remain unnoticed.Technologies for disabled people

SmartPhone and Smartwatches for the blind

The South Korean startup has launched a DOT watch for people with visual problems. Instead of the usual display, the developers used a screen with dynamic cells where time is shown using convex points. The device is synchronized with the smartphone, which allows for using the special application to notify the owner about incoming calls and messages and all important alerts. For example, when you get a notification from an insurance app, that special app will read the message  automatically. In addition, the watch is equipped with side buttons, through which you can write and send short messages.

Hand Spoon and Fork

People with impaired motility of hands experience problems while eating: the contents of a spoon gets spilled. California scientists have created a special dining device called Liftware Level with an electronic pen and two types of utensils: a spoon and a fork. The device is attached to a hand with special straps. Thanks to the built-in micromotors, the device compensates for shivers and tremor. As a result, it is possible to smooth out about 70% of unwanted movements.

A stylus that is controlled by the mouth

MouthStick Stylus is a project of the American company Griffin. The stylus is designed specifically for people who cannot use touch devices due to problems with motor skills. This device looks like a curved tube at one end of which is a mouth socket and on the other is a nozzle that simulates the touch of a finger. The developers guarantee the ergonomics of their device: the shape of the stylus doesn’t bring discomfort and is easily controlled.

Bionic suit for paralyzed

ReWalk is an auxiliary exoskeleton that allows people with serious back injuries to walk. The development consists of a corset tightly fixing the body and legs. The device doesn’t have a specific size and individually adjusts to the complexion of a person.

There are limitations, though: the suit is suitable only for those who, despite the damage to the back, are moving arms and shoulders. That’s because a person in the exoskeleton relies on special crutches, equipped with sensors that analyze the movements of the hands and allow the device to take steps.

Glove Scanner for the Blind

The Thimble gadget is equipped with a scanner that reads newspaper, magazine and book fonts. After scanning, the device converts the received information into Braille on a monitor located on the pad of a finger. This allows people with serious eye problems to read any type of printed text.

Project “Super Books for Special Children”

Employees of the Center for the Hearing Impaired of Bauman developed an electronic textbook, which, in addition to the usual texts and drawings, contains video, animation, online tests, guided widgets, and interactive blocks. All these multimedia capabilities allow children with disabilities to master educational material.

The theoretical blocks of the textbook can be listened to in audio formats, and the video materials can be accompanied by subtitles.

Car GPS tracker for disabled people

We all know disable people require more care and supervision. That’s why the car using by a disabled person should be equipped with a Car GPS Tracker. It’ll help a disabled person to stay connected with his/her family memebers 24X7.

Dating For Disabled People

Dating websites are on the rise. They allow people to get together, neither distances nor race and culture matter. The only thing that matters is finding someone you love, someone with whom you share a lot of things and passions, and someone who will accept you as you are, who doesn’t care whether you have special needs or not.

So don’t be upset. Everything is fine, and everyone is able to find a partner in life. is great site to find your significant oth

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