A Guide on How to Play Minecraft

How Do I Play Minecraft?

When you have entered the world of Minecraft, the most important thing that you have to do is to craft tools and build a shelter for yourself. You have to find trees and harvest wood to start making tools for yourself. You can get mini versions of the minecraft  from G2K .



When you have found some trees, you can use your fists to break the wood and collect it. The broken pieces will automatically be placed in your inventory if you walk towards them.

Once that you have wood for yourself, you can look for a decent spot for building your shelter, because it’s going to get dark soon. It should be a simple design to cover yourself to save yourself from monsters. The best places to build a shelter are high in the hills.

Once you have found the right place to build a home, you have to then, convert the wood you have into planks for building the house. You have to tap E to open the inventory, you can see that there is a 2×2 crafting grid right next to your character. When you take the wood to the crafting places, you can turn each piece of wood into 4 planks. You have to gather 24 planks to start building the shelter that you want.

Crafting Table

Once you have a wooden plank, you are going to make a crafting table for yourself. The crafting tables are basically the place where you make things for yourself, like tools. For your own ease, try to make it in a place where you can reach it easily.

You can go to the crafting table and right-click to reveal the 3×3 grid that is similar to the one before. To make tools you need sticks. You can use 6 of the planks to make 12 sticks.

When you have sticks and planks, you can build tools for yourself. You can use the crafting table for that. For your first tools, you need to make an ax, a pickaxe, a sword and a shovel.

Also you shuld try Minecraft Tower Defense game. You will have fun while playing.

From here on you probably know how to play it ahead, enjoy!

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