Best Android Apps That Help You To Speak English Like A Native

Do you know that nowadays Speaking English fluently is easy with the help of android apps. Yes, it’s true. Now you no need to join any spoken english classes to speak English like a native. Visit Google Play Store and download one of the apps we listed below to learn and speak English Language.speak english

Memrise Learn Languages

One of the best app that help you to speak English fluently. Apart from English this app helps people to learn 200 different languages including French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian etc. The app contains audio, video, Example sentences so that the users can learn to speak a language easily.

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SpeakingPal English Tutor

A complete app to learn English. The app uses a mobile phone’s speech recognition capability. The key features of the app are interactive exercises,  5-minute mini-lessons, language activities etc. SpeakingPal English Tutor is available free for both iPhone and Android.

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This is a very popular app among all English language learners. The app provides comprehensive audio visual learning material and extensive vocabulary practice with photos and recordings by native speakers. If you want to speak fluent English within a short period of time, download Busuu on your android mobile phone.

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Fluent English Plus

Another great app that helps you to speak English fluently. The app improves both speaking and listening skills of the users. Fluent English works like an audio book and also provide audio transalations of each and every word. It also pronounces words in different voices.

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ESL Daily English

This app works superbly for all beginning to advanced English learners. The app contains hundreds of podcasts with a detailed learning guide. Apart from that users can comment with other students to discuss the podcast episodes.

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